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Between weeks 34 and 37, your baby is continuing to refine his systems and put on significant weight.
He probably weighs about 5 ? pounds, and might gain another ? pound this week as his weight continues to build quickly. Lightening can happen several weeks before your baby's birth, especially if this is your first pregnancy. When your baby does drop into the pelvic area, he’s considered engaged or in position for birth. If you've experienced numbness or pain from pressure on your sciatic nerve, this also should stop when your baby drops.
Your baby might shift from kicks and punches to rolls and wiggles as she continues to get into birth position. Your baby may have already turned to a head-down position in preparation for birth, with the head pressing against your cervix. While most of the bones are hardening, the skull remains not completely joined, and can move slightly to make birthing easier. Your baby's eyes will appear blue now, regardless of what color they will finally end up being. Join our community and find support, get answers to questions and make friends from all over the world! Get useful advice, information, and practical parenting tips from ParentWeb in your email inbox every week! TOOLS & RESOURCES Ovulation Calculator Due Date Calculator Detecting Ovulation Am I Pregnant? POPULAR Crying & Colic Bathing & Body Care Diapering & Bottom Care Childcare Activities & Play Is It Normal? Learn how to choose and buy furniture and get tips for creating a safe and beautiful room for your baby.
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The lanugo (soft downy hair) that insulated your baby's skin so effectively for months is now almost gone. You might continue to notice late-pregnancy swelling in your legs or ankles throughout this week. Do not confuse these painless, irregular contractions with labor contractions which are painful and regular.
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You need water to digest and absorb other nutrients, remove waste products from the body, regulate body temperature, and perform the millions of metabolic processes essential to life. If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine.
They may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery and may have a few short-term health issues, but in the long run, they usually do as well as full-term babies. 34 weeks: Your baby is about the size of cantaloupeHow your life's changingBy this week, fatigue has probably set in again, though maybe not with the same coma-like intensity of your first trimester. Your tiredness is perfectly understandable, given the physical strain you're under and the restless nights of frequent pee breaks and tossing and turning, while trying to get comfortable.Now's the time to slow down and save up your energy for labor day (and beyond). See your practitioner so she can make sure it's not a more serious problem, provide treatment to make you more comfortable, and refer you to a dermatologist if necessary. Also be sure to call her if you feel intense itchiness all over your body, even if you don't have a rash.

It could signal a liver problem."In the third trimester, turning over in bed is a nightmare.
About 30 percent of pregnant women in the United States give birth by cesarean section these days.
In others, it's done in response to an unforeseen complication.Why might I need a c-section? You may have an unplanned cesarean delivery for many reasons, such as if your cervix stops dilating, your baby stops progressing down the birth canal, or your baby's heart-rate gives your practitioner cause for concern. A planned cesarean may be recommended if:You've had a previous cesarean with a "classical" vertical uterine incision or more than one previous c-section. If you don't already have one, your medical team will start an IV and insert a catheter to drain urine during the procedure, and you'll be given an epidural or spinal block, which will numb the lower half of your body but leave you alert and awake.
Once the doctor reaches the uterus and makes the final incision, she'll ease the baby out, lifting him so you get a glimpse of him before he's handed off to be cared for by a pediatrician or nurse. While the staff is examining your baby, the doctor will deliver your placenta and stitch you back up.
When your baby has been examined, the pediatrician or nurse may hand him to your partner, who can hold him right next to you so you can nuzzle and kiss him while you're being stitched up. When the surgery is completed, you'll be wheeled into a recovery room, where you'll be able to hold your baby and breastfeed if you want to.This week's activityMake a labor contingency plan. You may go into labor early or have a complication that requires you to be in the hospital longer than you anticipated.
Give at least one friend or neighbor the keys to your house in case you need something and can't get home.

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