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If you have heard me talk at all about the prayer journals for even a minute, you know that they were designed during my pregnancy.
Today I thought I’d share the list of the things I actually prayed for during the last month before she was due. Type your email address below and hit enter to receive our newsletters featuring tips and special offers. I was heavily pregnant and wandering around the local shops when someone called out behind me. I have no idea if the old man is from some strange cult that goes around handing out cards to pregnant women..

I'm not a religious sort either but would have welcomed a card like this from a well-meaning stranger.
I too am not into religious stuff at all, but that is a lovely and thoughtful gesture of that man. Being both a hypochondriac and very sensitive to my body, I knew the only way I’d survive pregnancy was through lots of prayer and organizing my bajillion prayer requests was no small task so I designed myself a little organizational tool that you know as the prayer journals.
Our Instagram giveaway is for you and a friend, so tag your favorite pregnant gal for both of y’all to win a year set of journals! This blog is my little place to share with you things that inspire me to be creative, find balance and simplicity and pursue my dreams! It was a misdiagnosis ?? I have seen the baby TWICE on ultrasound since then with a strong heartbeat of 128 and then 169. I wonder if the old man kept this csrd for days wishing he would see a pregnant woman to give it to?

The 9 months became an incredible journey and a time I experience the most growth I’ve ever experienced in my faith.
I’m so excited to share my 9 month marathon, including weird symptoms, breech babies and prayer. I hope time speeds up just a little bit for you even though it may seem impossible, I know waiting and waiting is so hard.

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