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Agency healthcare research & quality, Provides practical health care information, research findings, data consumers, health providers, health insurers, researchers, policymakers . Rest easy craftmatic - visit adjustable bed, Sleep food brain sleep, important body functions brain activity occur. The best bye Pregnancy Body Pillow & Save up on our huge selection of tools from thousands of popular brands. It’s not overly bulky and I like the softness that allows me to manipulate and mold it to my body. I purchased this basically out of desperation for my 6 month old, he hadn’t outgrown sleeping like a newborn and being exhausted I was willing to buy just about anything that may help him and I both sleep better.
The first night we tried out thunderstorm, it is spot on and incredibly relaxing (my personal favorite), my son went from waking up every hour to two hours to waking up once. The Homedics mybaby soundspa portable creates a comforting environment, with six nature sounds to choose from heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook.
I carry STRAIGHT out when pregnant; so when I am laying on my side in bed (my preferred position) it REALLY puts some strain on all my muscles supporting baby, but then also on my back and hips. The Boppy pregnancy wedge is a firm, versatile pregnancy cushion for back and belly support.
The air flow strap on it was more hassle than it was worth and was usually in the way more than anything so within the first few weeks of using the pillow I made my own replacement cover (without the extra strap thing) for the pillow out of an old sheet and it works much better without that thing. The second night he got up twice that night so I decided to try ocean waves on the third to see how he did with the other sounds. The soundspa portable is perfect for the new mother or traveler, working off of four AA batteries (not included) or the included adaptor. I quickly realized how tiring it is not only having to feed so often but also holding my baby for hours.

I am 8 months pregnant with my 10th, so this pillow was offered to me at a perfect time; and I slept SO much better with it paired with my old one in the back.
Although the air-flow strap was a bit of a nuisance I still give this pillow 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to use their own pillow under their head and still have a contoured body pillow to put your arms around and the curve to go between your knees. Also important, it can be plugged in or run off batteries so we are not wasting anymore batteries than you already do with an infant in the house but we can still travel with it if need be.
I will agree with some of the other reviews that the heartbeat does not sound natural and is not something I would want to listen too, but the rest of the sounds are excellent and realistic. By Nicole D. The 15, 30, or 60 minute auto-off timer makes the soundspa portable not just easy to take with you, but easy to use. I didn't want to always lay my baby flat down because right after feeding he would spit up, also I wanted to minimize the time he spent laying flat down on his head to avoid the "flat head syndrome".
This wedge fixes that; it goes right under baby, moving him up to a natural position and putting less strain on my back, round ligaments, and everything else.
I have problems with neck pain and headaches and needed to be able to use my regular pillow. This pillow is also excellent for putting behind you to allow you to lie on a backwards angle without actually lying on your back. This pillow allows me to keep my hips aligned rather than having them pulling and also helps keep my neck supported and allows me to hug it in order to keep my shoulders from pulling. It’s sleek looking, easy to operate, has great volume range and remembers the sound you had it on last when you turn it on again. On the forth night of having this I gave white noise a shot and he didn’t wake up a single time, not once. As a result, I was always holding him unless he was sleeping and my arms and back started killing me.

You can also shove it into the small of your back (the thin part going a tad bit under you) and it’s great to prop up your back. I am currently in my last month of pregnancy and having been using this pillow every night since about 4 months.
I bet this will also come in very handy once baby boy arrives to provide support during breatfeeding, either way I’ll be holding on to this pillow long after pregnancy as it is the most comfortable body pillow I have ever owned and tried quite a few over the years!
I bet this will also come in very handy once baby boy arrives to provide support during breatfeeding, either way I'll be holding on to this pillow long after pregnancy as it is the most comfortable body pillow I have ever owned and tried quite a few over the years!
We have now been using the white noise for a couple weeks and he no longer wakes up frantic, the few nights he’s woken up one time he fusses for a few seconds and soothes himself almost immediately back to sleep.
I can lay him down in it and he is slightly elevated so he doesn't spit up after feedings, I can also lay him down in it while playing with him and talking to him and it gives my arms a rest. With any body pillow it is hard to roll over with it but at this point I am so huge that the rolling over at all is a task anyway. It's also great when you have to put your baby down for just a minute or so to grab something or do something. I have had a lot of hip and back pain throughout my pregnancy and this pillow is the only reason I am able to get any sleep at all at night because he it provides excellent support for my both my back and hips. Sometimes I put a soft towel or blanket in the center seat to elevate my baby's bottom if he seems to be sinking too much.

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