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After weeks of tasteful pencil skirts, drapey layers, sheer tops and overly sexy clubwear, Kim is still a little shaky when it comes to appropriate pregnancy clothes.
Kim Kardashian 'Panics' During Snapchat-Documented Airplane Pregnancy Scare — This Is TOO REAL!
The 32-year-old girlfriend of Kanye West reportedly hired a new stylist to man her pregnancy style, though she has been quick to blast any critics about her growing appearance.

On Wednesday night, she walked the red carpet at a Topshop store opening wearing an embellished babydoll-style top with a black feathered "skirt" atop leather leggings (a Kardashian classic).
The pregnant reality star changed into a tight mustard-colored leather dress and motorcycle jacket following an appearance on "Good Morning America" Tuesday morning, an outfit that was a big improvement over those awkward loose or poofy-skirt things she has been wearing recently.

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