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With our wedding plans were underway, we decided to stop taking birth control in June 2005…knowing it might take a year or longer to get pregnant.
My obstetrician was concerned for my high-risk pregnancy as I was super-obese at the time (weighing over 350 pounds) and 38 years old. I had many check ups and ultrasounds and all was well; a very uneventful pregnancy that ended way too soon.
With the passing of time and my age increasing, we conceded to being the parents to two great boys knowing we have been blessed with them in our lives. I was very successful working the plan and by September 2010 I’d lost a total of 160 pounds. So many thoughts, so many doubts, so much worry, but on the other hand…I was pregnant and I was healthy and I had a new life growing inside me! I made my ob appt right away and confirmed (Thank You, Jesus!)that there was ONE healthy embryo. Watching the news one night, they broke a story about the birth control pill Lo-Ovral and how it was mispackaged…the placebo pills were put in place of the hormone pills and vice versa, so, the woman was three weeks without any protection. The doctors assured me that my age didn’t matter and what did matter was that I was healthy and took care of myself. The amnio results were great, the ultrasounds were perfect, the glucose test came back too low…I had to up my protein intake.
I loved being pregnant this time as far as feeling the baby move around and kick and punch.

Forty-six-year-old Denise Melanson Cormier is wife to Dan, mother to 13 year old stepson Deric, six year old son Collin, and 10 month old Melanie. I made the decision (finally) to change my life and joined Weight Watchers in October of 2008. If there was anything wrong, we wanted to know and prepare to deal with what was coming our way.
I felt robbed of that with Collin as I was so obese and he was so early, I never felt him move inside me. If she waits until later in life, like me, I may not witness these life changing events of hers. We hereby present more evidence that exogenous androgens may be pivotal in achieving this goal. Barad and Gleicher [2] reported in that year an increase in oocyte production with oral DHEA co-treatment. Before going to a fitting appointment for my wedding dress, I bought a pregnancy tes — and it was positive! He finally met with his urologist in March of 2011 and made the appointment for June of that year. Many of these 600 women whom we advised to go on DHEA either failed to follow up for treatment, did not take the DHEA for whatever reason or moved to other clinics.
We were together for 4 years while waiting for the paperwork to go through on his divorce.I would not allow myself to get pregnant before getting married and we needed to get that union dissolved before moving forward.

All the worry, all the stress, all the doubts…everything gone with the sound of her crying. We have 164 pregnancies in this group that we have previously reported on (CFAS Vancouver 2010). Today, I need to take care of myself and get back into shape and give myself as much time on this planet as possible. And with Collin about to start kindergarten, we were finally free from the cost of daycare. The boys love her and now that she’s crawling and curious, they are playing with her more and more. Exogenous androgens can improve pregnancy and take home baby rates in women over 40 years of age. Gleicher and Barad have pointed out the fallacy of very low AMH’s levels as being absolutely indicative of an inability to get pregnant, as we have seen in our own practice. We do not have information on AMH levels in many of our patients as many did not wish to have this test done due to costs involved. The FSH on day 3 of IVF cycles is likely higher due to the elevated estradiol levels on that same day falsely depressing the FSH levels.

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