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So, my husband (29) and I (27) have not officially started ttc, but I stopped taking BCP's after the new year's to watch my cycle for a few months. 0dpo - Ovulation cramps on left side (dull pressure for a few hours, then sharp for a few seconds before it stopped).
12-13 dpo - Mild lower back pain on one side which lasted for a few hours each day (which I also never get).
14-16 dpo - "Bubbling" and warm sensation in lower abdomen, feeling "wet" down there (sorry, tmi).
I've been hanging out on this website for about a week since I've started to get strange "signs" from my body.

I'd been on BCP's for over 7 years, so I thought it would take a while for things to get back to normal. For the first time ever I felt cramping after orgasm (sorry if that's tmi, but that was the weirdest thing after which I started to google IB and other pregnancy symptoms). Some breast sensitivity, nothing too major and it's been happening ever since I stopped BCP's. I was expecting O a few days later, so didn't worry about it too much, but felt distinct ovulation pains the same evening. About 2-3 nights before that I felt a localized pinching pain on one side of my uterus (or at least where I think it is).

If you don't want to read the whole thing, here are my major early symptoms - implantation spotting on 10-12 dpo and cramps after orgasm (NEVER happened before).

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