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Although nausea during pregnancy feels awful, it won't hurt your baby if you can manage to keep some food and water down.
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Statistics vary, stating that 50 to 90% of pregnant women suffer from nausea at some time during pregnancy. During the last four years, I have researched this topic exhaustively for my clients and it seems about time to compile all my info in one place.
The most common hypothesis is that it is caused by pregnancy hormones; another hypothesis is that there is an evolutionary advantage to avoiding toxins in food. Several studies have shown that prenatal vitamins taken before conception can prevent pregnancy nausea completely in some women. And of course, make sure you are sufficient in Vitamin D3 & Magnesium to ensure proper hormonal balance. Pregnancy safety: Milk Thistle has been commonly used as a food, and a couple of small studies have shown no side effects when used in pregnancy, but most medical providers will not recommend it until larger studies are done. For a few women, the distress of an unplanned pregnancy can trigger nausea.  Or sometimes it is a belief that you need to feel nauseous in order to know you are pregnant or to have a healthy pregnancy (untrue, by the way!)   Other beliefs can influence whether or not you have nausea. EFT is really helpful in quickly clearing these issues and beliefs.  If you have tried all the nutritional suggestions and you are still nauseous, it may be helpful to delve a bit deeper. I am 5 wks pregnant and I have been taking milk thistle for years before I got pregnant daily.
I am currently taking 4 a day of the one I said I am taking because that is how many I took prepregancy. NOW has concentrated supplement that would allow you to take 1 capsule a day and get just a tiny bit more than the range I recommended. I picked up the link from PH but thought I’d comment here too that magnesium supplementation has helped me. I often suggest Magnesium Citrate for constipation, but I hadn’t heard of it for pregnancy nausea. I’ll be 15 weeks wednesday and I never rlaley had any significant MS in the beginning either.

I would love to know if anyone has any other starchy alternatives that dont involve grains, soy or vegetable oils?
Sweet things are also out for me this pregnancy so my beloved sweet potato isn’t cutting it either. I held fast with eating paleo until two weeks ago, when I finally broke and started eating bread. I did have some major stress hit my life right at the beginning of pregnancy, so that absolutely could have played a role, but that is resolved now.
My question for you is, if I flip this around now in it’s tracks and get on board with all of your recommendations, in your experience has doing something like that helped women? Some of my clients have been able to get relief from eating more protein and more frequently at this stage. Hi, I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant now, and have had extreme nausea since about 5 weeks in. It’s not unusual for some mamas to lose that much weight due to nausea in the first trimester.
If you would like some help with the neophobia, EFT is very effective and fast at clearing phobias & I would be happy to help you if you would like to book a session. The thing that did help me feel less bad about my eating habits between week 7-12 when my morning sickness hit the worse was indeed making a habit of putting something in my mouth as soon as I opened my eyes and constantly throughout the day. See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) for more information.
I use pure Mg citrate, about a teaspoonful in my herbal tea at night, and it seems to prevent the all-day-ickies the next day. I was strict paleo up until about 7wks pregnant at which point I suddenly can’t stomach anything I used to eat. The first time around I had no symptoms, this time I have them all and have been very sick.
Now potato chips are my only saviour from nausea but my bowels are having an awful time, it’s a catch 22! Like a lot of ladies mentioned, the only thing I could eat without gagging was potatoes – white and rice.

Even though I was eating less than half of the least amount of food I’d ever eaten in my adult life, at least I was getting some nutrition + it made it easier to accept a bite or two of food rather than a whole plate + it helped with the blood sugars too. I am still taking milk thistle but I am not sure if it is enough or too much and just want to make sure. I tried to soldier on with my usual diet for a couple of days, but it just made my symptoms far worse and food was going straight through me.
I did lose my appetite in the beginning, and had raging heartburn and indigestion from mid-second-tri on. Vegetables are a no-go for me right now, just the thought of them gives me shivers and although I am craving bread my allergy to wheat and soy is reaping havok.
Before I decided to try this awful route, I was only able to keep down lean meat, applesauce and white potato. And if your nausea is so severe that you cannot keep your prenatal (or much food) down, Dr. I hear that Mg oil or Epsom salt baths work as well, but do not have access to those so can’t vouch for them personally. Unfortunately, all I can keep down at the moment is plain, carb-heavy stuff like toast, crackers and potatoes. You should also tell your doctor about any other vitamin supplements you are taking to avoid taking more than the recommended amount of any one nutrient in pregnancy. If it makes you feel any better, I read somewhere that you’re more likely to have MS if your mom did with her pregnancy.
Don’t even get me started about the time I absentmindedly ate cold deli sandwiches 3 days in a row during the first tri.
To many people it sounds stupid and like I’m just a picky eater, but I assure you it is so much more than that. I know my nutrition has suffered, but I always planned on getting it under control before I decided to have kids, and now I’m too late.

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