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Babies born to teens are at an increased risk of low birth weight and the attending health problems; mental retardation, blindness, deafness, mental illness, cerebral palsy and infant death.
The epidemic of teenage pregnancy has not only created a moral dilemma, but a socioeconomic crisis.  We MUST turn things around.  Future generations are counting on us! Lifeline Family Center is bringing an abstinence-until-marriage message to middle and high school students as well as helping teen moms become God-dependent, self-supporting, contributing members of society. Frequent Trips to the Bathroom – This is the number one complaint from pregnant women longing for a restful night’s sleep . While “sleeping like a baby” may be out of reach for the time being, the tips above should help to reduce the occurrence of some of the things responsible for keeping you up. Biotegrity Corporation is a specialty pharmaceutical company which concentrates all efforts toward improving women's health. As always, it is best to receive necessary nutrients from a well balanced, nutrient dense diet. And while this infographic is a great reminder of the nutritional needs of pregnant mamas, it also shows that it may be difficult to consume enough foods to take in the necessary nutrients. I believe that studies of this nature are important and highlight some really important habits that we here in the United States need to notice. One thing that the researchers noted and I have seen in my practice as well, programs have to be easily accessible so women can participate.
I was on bedrest for my seventh pregnancy (and second baby…so you do the math) and your dvd helped me stay strong while I nurtured my baby. Lean forward and hold this stretch for ten seconds, and then relax for five.  Repeat this stretch three times to five times to minimize the occurrence of late night cramping. Using pillows to support your bump, or placing them between your legs can make side-sleeping much more comfortable. In the end it will all be worthwhile, and as you hold your newborn for the first time, all of your restless nights leading up that first snuggle will soon be forgotten.  For now, we wish you a healthy happy pregnancy, and the sweetest of dreams!
Before Promise Prenatal there were no prenatal vitamins formulated for each stage of pregnancy.

As many of you settle into your bed rest routines, it can be very easy to skip meals (especially breakfast! Karimums, an Australian support website for mamas, has provided the following infographic which outlines the necessary nutrients and amounts needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Nature has designed it so that when a woman becomes pregnant, the first nutrients that are available to her body are directed towards the baby for its growth and development. They post a wide variety of information on a wide variety of topics all related to women’s health.
While most (but not all!) women in the United States have access to good quality prenatal care, just as it was shown here, medical prenatal care alone is not enough to ensure healthy prenatal outcomes.
As awareness of the necessity of behavior modification during pregnancy (and during many other phases of a woman’s life) rises, my hope is that the US medical community will recognize the great benefit of such programs on health and promote more of these programs.
Needless to say, I am a fan and I am so happy to know that you have two beautiful children. After researching recommended daily intakes for women before and during pregnancy, I exclusively recommend Promise Prenatal to my patients. This is always a controversial topic, but one of vital importance. One look at this infographic and a mama on bedrest may say to herself, “There is no way that I can eat 18 cups of raw spinach a day! If you are not already taking a high grade prenatal vitamin, discuss with your health care provider if you need prenatal vitamins and which ones might be best for you. While the information is introductory for the most part, I have found the website helpful when I have needed quick information. The program consisted of (2) one hour prenatal workshops (one at the start of the program and one midway through) presenting information on healthy nutrition, exercise , information on smoking cessation, information on appropriate weight gain and Breastfeeding education . Women need tangible information and as this study shows, having access to support and guidance further enhances outcomes. Many women get their prenatal care at offices that may be close to work but would prefer to exercise closer to home for example. While this may be true (and we don’t want to discourage mama from eating spinach at all!!) mama still needs the folic acid, and taking a pharmaceutical grade prenatal vitamin will enable mama to get the vital nutrition she and her baby need without having to consume an entire spinach garden daily!

But if mama happens to be deficient, let’s say, in calcium, when her body takes in calcium it is first directed to the growing baby and any left over is then used to sustain mama. Their premise was that women given information and tangible guidance at the beginning of and during pregnancy will have better outcomes. The women who participated in the program were also given written information to which they could refer.
Other women may only have access to public transportation so they will make the trek to see their health care providers but not necessarily for a fitness or nutrition class. So if a woman is calcium deficient or not taking in enough calcium to sustain both herself and her baby, she will suffer.
While I don’t think that they delve very deeply into bed rest, they do have a lot of general information on pregnancy that you may find useful.
But classes targeted specifically to prenatal nutrition and exercise have significant impact on compliance and on outcomes.
And when I was teaching prenatal fitness, having childcare was a must-especially at morning classes. To this end, I have personally seen women develop cavities during pregnancy (Calcium aids in good dental health!) and in an extreme case, a woman was osteopenic (had low bone mass density) after her pregnancy.
The researchers found that significantly more women in the study met the prenatal guidelines for consumption of fruits and vegetables and for exercise than women not in the study.
Now add the twist of women on bed rest and we now need to integrate technology so that ALL mamas can reap the benefits of these proven behavior strategies.
There was not a significant difference between women who quit smoking or intended to breast feed between the study and non-intervention groups.

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