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Whenever someone thinks of pregnancy, the only thing that comes to your mind is working out to be in shape and hitting the top-spot of fitness. In most of the pregnancy and women wellness program, proper sleep takes a beating and is often overlooked.
Such result-oriented fitness and pregnancy program can help in mapping out the nutritious requirement of the mother as well as the baby, thereby ensuring that it grows to get the best nutrition for both the baby and mother. Pregnancy often puts an additional burden on the body and its resources like oxygen, nutrients, etc. Why it's good: This workout is great for strengthening your booty and your core and getting your heart rate up! How to do it: If you have a resistance band, place it around your back and under your armpits. Why it's good: This exercise strengthens your midsection and outer thigh during your first and second trimester. Why it's good: Keep that booty firm with these butt lifts — they're great during your first and second trimester, but you may have to skip it during the third trimester, unless you still feel good on your back. Once you're parallel to the floor, let your belly relax a little (this opportunity to stretch slowly feels great!).Then engage your deep core muscles and move back up until you're straight. When a woman comes to know that she is expecting a small baby, it gives a very different and beautiful feeling of becoming a mother. In this week a mother feels many unforgettable experiences such as baby’s wriggles and kicks.
It is being suggested that before starting your exercise routine it is better to do stretching exercises as it will help your muscles limber.
23rd week of pregnancy is the second trimester of the pregnancy in which many internal as well as external developmental changes take place within the baby such as growth of lung. As the baby starts developing many things at this stage the mother need to take more and more care of her, as a single mistake can affect the development of her baby.
Along with the regular form of routine as prescribed by the concern doctor, where it is being allotted that what a pregnant woman needs to prepare as well as what she should not have to prepare, there is some additional preparation that needs to be done by the expecting mother. When a woman is expecting it is being suggested that she needs to take more and more rest as well as care, as it is helpful for her and for her baby too.
Drink Plenty of Fluids: Try to drink plenty of fluid food as it can control the feeling of vomiting such as ginger tea, ginger ale, etc.
At this stage of pregnancy there are a lot of things that need to be avoided such as smoking, drinking, taking stress and much more.
Avoid Triggers: Firstly, it is being suggested that you need to avoid those foods as well as those food shops that makes you feel nauseous as nothing can be worst other than vomiting every 5 seconds.
Talk it Out: The most important thing is that, a pregnant woman should not be under stress as well as frustration. Avoid Bad Habits: If is well known to all that bad habits like smoking as well as taking of alcohol are the most injurious things for every individual, so if you have that habit than try to avoid it as soon as it gets confirmed that she is expecting.
At this moment of time the best thing that a father need to do are like he needs to make her more special, he needs to support her at all time, he should take all the necessary care she needs, he should take her for walk and most important try to spend more and more time with her, try never to leave her alone. It will help prepare you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles and building endurance, and makes having your body back in shape when the baby’s born much easier. However, what most of the people never realize is there are quite a lot of aspects involved in being fit than having a normal muscular tone and having medium weight. Not only is she responsible for her own health, even the health of the unborn child comes into the question. One thing what people never realize is without a proper rest and sleep, the body is getting deprived of the restorative sleep which is necessary for charging one’s battery for the next day. The unborn baby who is cocooned in your stomach needs the regular nutrition for fueling her or his growth.

Regular exercise is encouraged among the pregnant women and the only difference between the exercise done by mothers and other people is that exercise of pregnant women consists of low intensity workouts. Even a high cardiovascular exercise can lead to draining of the energy of the body at faster rate. If you don't have a ball, you can use light two to three pound dumbbells, or omit working out your upper body altogether.
We love that swapping your band for dumbbells will challenge your muscles in a slightly different way. Some moms-to-be can do it during the third trimester, too — just be sure it feels good on your midsection.
Be sure you keep your elbow under your shoulder while drawing your shoulder away from your ear. Plus, it helps strengthen your deep core muscles, including your pelvic floor and transverse abdominals. But it is not that easy as there are many difficulties as well as things that need to be taken care of as it last for 9 months including four trimesters. There are few things that an expecting mother needs to know about herself like gaining of her weight.
In this week the weight of the baby increases more than a pound as compared to the previous week weight, on the other hand, the length also increases.
Surfactant is a substance that is being produced by the baby in the lungs as it supports inflate as well as deflate.
For developing the diaphragm muscles, it is very important that the supply of oxygen should be enough for the baby. At this stage the baby looks like a baby as it develops body fat as well as the baby also tries to fill out its wrinkly skin. In this week along with the other developments the baby also develops tiny little teeth as well as its eyes are now fully formed. She needs to prepare herself mentally as well as physically that there will be some changes in her body as the baby develops many things within them. There are many ways that a pregnant woman can go to keep her healthy as well as stress free.
It is the most serious issue, so try to spend more time with your friends, family, co-worker and partner. Fitness consists of various aspects for an individual like rest, physical condition, nutrition, and the list goes on. One has to consider various exercises and fitness programs addressing physical and nutritious well-being. Of course, this could make some tired (which is common in most of the pregnancy) and less recharged.
Without getting enough of nutrition, the body will start to suffer from the various side effects and this could affect the mother as well as the baby. So, it is important that pregnant mothers do low impact exercising at the time of pregnancy in order to achieve the ultimate goal of being fit. Keeping most of your weight into your heels, stand up (exhale as you do) and rotate towards one side. Lift your hips and hold off the ground while you slowly lift your top leg, doing three to five leg lifts. So, to be healthy and to give birth to a healthy baby she always follows the instructions of her concern doctor. Being an expecting mother a woman should not be surprised by this as it is a normal difference.
Regular diet as well as the medicinal routine need to be repaired so that she never forgets about their timing as it is very essential for her as well as baby’s food health.
At this stage of pregnancy morning sickness as well as stress are some of the things that might affect her, so you need to come over from such issues a.

So, confirm ones that whether she wants to go intimate  or not and if she want your support than just go ahead, but you need to be very much careful at this point of time such as be slow as well as the most important point always be positive. The body releases a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy which loosens your joints when preparing for delivery, so you have to take care with the choice of exercise and focus on technique. Chances are there that you would be eating in the right amounts, and still lacking in fitness. Some may get mood-swings in the later stages of pregnancy which could be mentally straining.
In pregnancy, the main priority is the nutritional requirements of the baby and for avoiding such situations; one needs a good fitness and pregnancy program.
Pretend you're trying to grow taller as you stand up straight and rotate again, lifting your back heel. While talking with the doctor she needs to feel comfortable so that she can express her every minor development or if she is facing any problem. When an expecting woman is suffering from morning sickness, than she become habituated with that as she knows that it can cause at any moment of time in the entire day as they are not aware of the difference between morning and afternoon. Even you could be hitting out at the gym and exercising, and still lacking the necessary nutrition for daily needs. Taking naps at regular intervals during the time of the pregnancy is a good thing and can be considered as a safe fitness regime. Tuck your chin under first and think about trying to press your back towards the ceiling as best you can. At this stage as there are many changes in the baby you will feel awkward as it makes you imbalance. It is extremely important to know which type of pregnancy exercise is most appropriate throughout the three stages of gestation. So, being healthy in pregnancy involves in being physically and mentally fit and ensuring that you meet all the necessity of physical needs. To take it up a notch, grab a light pair of dumbbells (one to three pounds or two soup cans from your cupboard!).
Safe pregnancy exercises which are suggested by experts include walking, yoga, Stretching, swimming and kegel exercises, etc.WalkingOne of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women, walking keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles. It is safe through the nine months of pregnancy and can be included in your day-to-day schedule. SwimmingSwimming is a of the top recommended safe pregnancy exercises as this helps you to tone your entire body without adding weight and stress for your joints. It also improves blood circulation towards the fetus, enhance the body’s use of oxygen, strengthen the big muscle groups, and also ease the pregnancy-related physical discomforts. Swimming three to four times each week for at least 30 minutes can be extremely good for pregnant women.StretchingTo deal with and knees take a cat-like stretching position, flex the hip and arch the rear.
When easing your torso slowly down again release the head up and breathe freely.Cardiovascular exercises for pregnant womenYogaYoga is another best and safest form of exercise that can help to release stress and pressure on the body while pregnant.
Various yoga poses as safe pregnancy exercises will greatly help to make your delivery quicker and simpler and also open your pelvis effortlessly.
They are able to also improve cramping and fluid retention, that is a common complaint during the last trimester. Great shape of pregnancy yoga will be safe for you and your baby, as long as they are not excessively rigorous.Kegel ExercisesKegels are popularly prescribed safe pregnancy exercises for a lot of pregnant women. This improved muscle tone in your pelvic area helps to minimize bladder leaks and haemorrhoids. Kegel exercises are also suggested after pregnancy to promote perineal healing, strengthen pelvic floor muscles and regain bladder control.

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