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OVERVIEW: Advanced ultrasound scanner specifically designed for agricultural use, with additional features and capacity, for large and small livestock. RECOMMENDATION: Oil or paraffin needs to be applied to the probe before starting examination to make sure there is no air bubbles. FarmScan® M30+ is the new portable handa€?held ultrasound device for veterinary practioners , who need an economic and simple ultrasound exclusively for the purpose of pregnancy diagnostics .

Durable, comfortable and ergonomic design ,particularly good for equine, bovine fertility and reproduction work. Bigger and Better processor which results in clearer imagesExcellent image quality Detection from 28 days in cattle Detection from 17 days in horses Detect if the pregnancy is single or multiple Identify age of fetus See if fetus is alive by its heartbeat Determine sex of fetus from 53 days Detect pathologies of fetus Examine ovaries and complete reproduction system Detect cysts on ovaries Detect endometritis (inflammation of uterus.
OVERVIEW: These inexpensive detectors identify the presence of amniotic fluid confirming pregnancy in livestock.
Can measure fat in animals with 1,2 and 3 layers of fat and loin can also measure breast thickness in poultry and blubber thickness in certain aquatic animals. Our idea was to create a simple, yet very reliability and resistant, ultrasound scanner that will be suitable for harsh field conditions.

These standards are there to ensure that current and future developments are cross platform complient.

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