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In my experience, as well as the experiences of many other vegan women that I discussed this with, this perception doesn’t seem to be the case. Pregnancy cravings: wishing you were craving greens rather than a pickle-flavoured ice cream? While pregnant first time around, I didn’t experience cravings at all and thought cravings were a lie. Lucky for these vegan women, all of these “preferences” and cravings were non-conflicting with their vegan lifestyle choice. My other vegan friends, Michelle and Amanda, both had to deal with these types of cravings. For Amanda, it was a matter of reminding herself of why she doesn’t eat those foods in the first place, and for Michelle it was a matter of satisfied her ham steak craving with various mock meats.
Cravings, in and outside of pregnancy, are likely to stem from instinctive factors such as nutritional deficits. For example if you feel like chowing down on a steak, assess your overall iron and protein intake and maybe get bloodwork done to check your levels. Nothing should compromise the health of your baby so if you are unsure about where you are at nutritionally, it is important to seek advice from a health professional.
Writter & Reviewer Vegan Super Mum ColumnistMy name is Natalie Cunningham and I am from Melbourne, Australia.
The difference between a pregnancy craving and a regular craving is that the pregnancy craving is stronger by million times.
Approximately fifty percent of the females in the United States report that they had craving for at least one food item during their pregnancy, reports Judith Brown, author of What to Eat Before, During and After Pregnancy. According to Elizabeth Somer, author of Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy, these cravings may be partly due to hormones. One thing that is apparent to us is that both food cravings and aversions are two sides of the same coin. You should avoid overindulgence in things that do not provide any nutrition, even if you develop a craving for it.
When you develop cravings, try to distract your mind by indulging in other activities, such as go for a short walk or head to the gym.
It is recommended that you should make your cravings fun instead of fighting with them, by choosing healthy options.
According to Somer, having emotional support is particularly important to manage pregnancy cravings.
Talk with your physician, if you develop cravings for strange things such as chalk, ashes, clay or laundry starch.
One thing that many of the pregnant females commonly crave includes spicy things such as hot red peppers and curry. Pickles can be craved by pregnant females who have low sodium; however, this fact is not proved.
Pregnant females who crave potato chips may have low sodium levels; however, more often you may be craving something salty and crunchy.

But stating the obvious, everyone and every pregnancy is different and there are some people out there who may experience the Hollywood take on this.
Second time around, I developed a taste for peppermint chocolate and nachos (not together).
Michelle specifically remembers a time in her second pregnancy where she felt like ham steaks.  Amanda, in her second pregnancy, felt like chewing on a meat bone, craved cheese, and craved a hardboiled egg in an egg cup with toast soldiers. There is a mockery of basically every animal product out there – even eggs have vegan counterparts such as The Vegg.
If you do crave something in particular, take a look at your whole diet and your craving in specific, to see which nutrients you might be missing, and which nutrients are found in the items which you are craving.
If you crave cheese and the fake stuff isn’t cutting it, up your calcium intake and see if that helps.
Just remember, pregnancy is a temporary state of being and just because you may crave something that isn’t vegan doesn’t make you any less of a vegan!  My motto is that there is always an ethical alternative! You may wake up with a craving for an ice cold root beer or a Chipotle burrito and you will do almost anything to satisfy these cravings.
And the amazing fact is that pregnant females dona€™t crave for only ice creams and pickles. During pregnancy a femalea€™s body goes through extreme hormonal changes, which have a huge impact on the sense of smell and taste. According to an Ethiopian study, food cravings are two times more common in females who experienced food aversions in comparison to females who didna€™t experience aversions. You can even read a book or call your friend to distract your mind away from the sugar dripping doughnut that you are craving for. According to her, the emotional ups and downs that happen during pregnancy can make you look for comfort foods, when instead of food; all you need is a hug.
Craving for such items is known by the name pica and it may suggest that you are having nutritional deficiency, specifically of iron. This happens because sweating is increased by eating hot foods, which in turn cool off the body. Pickles are hot favorites of pregnant females because they are crunchy, and have vinegar and a refreshing taste.
You should try to replace potato chips with some low calorie snacks such as popcorn, because potato chips are rich in fat and calories. The reason for this craving is that your taste buds are altered during pregnancy and you like super spicy or super sour foods and give your taste buds a shock. This ought to be news to most of you, and it explains at least part of why I’ve been posting so infrequently of late. Both of these things I don’t dislike in my regular un-pregnant state, but I wouldn’t often opt for them either. If you are craving empty calories such as sugary and fatty foods, check that you are taking in enough calories to support the pregnancy.
We are a vegan family – I have been vegan for over 10 years now, Robert for 3 years and our children have been vegan since birth.

You may ask your husband to cook bacon for you or you may drive several miles to satisfy your craving. Moreover, Judith Brown found in the studies done at the University of Minnesota that pregnant females prefer sweet tastes over salty. A drop in blood sugar may cause cravings for sweets; hence, you should aim to eat small frequent meals to satisfy your desire to indulge in unhealthy things. It is fairly common in females who suffer from anemia, as chewing ice can relieve the inflammation of the mouth and tongue often associated with anemia. Hence, add some spice in your next meal to see for yourself whether it helps you stay cool.
You should not be too concerned if you have cravings for pickle, because they are available easily, are not costly and low in calories.
I also really liked Lord of The Fries (greasy vegan fast food) while pregnant the second time. But when dealing with pregnancy cravings, it is very important to remember that while cravings are not understood entirely, there is evidence to support that cravings could have some sort of reasoning behind them.
Let us discuss some of the most common foods that are craved by the majority of the pregnant females and the reason why this happens. Fruits such as grapes and watermelon are loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants and have lots of fiber. These cravings to me seemed more like a change in palate or an alteration of my ordinary taste preferences rather than the impulsive, crazy urgency to eat that I had pictured before I had ever been pregnant. Pickles in your ice cream?????Ah well, there must be some sort of rational explanation for these cravings.
I went from loving fruits and vegetables and eating them every day to hating the sight and scent of every one. I have heard that nutrition during the first trimester doesn’t have as much impact as it does in the middle and the end. Santoku =-.Reply KristenM saysDecember 28, 2009 at 7:25 pm Oh, I hope this disappears after the first trimester too! I only had one pregnancy with cravings (and only one with morning sickness – the same one!) He was tiny, born early, placenta previa, C-section, dangerously jaundiced and a handful even to this day, 17 years later! We were desperately poor and living mostly on bread scraps we could glean from stores when they purged their day old shelves.
If not for that high quality protein, he probably wouldn’t have made it into this world at all. What the heck!Reply Christine Kennedy saysDecember 29, 2009 at 10:21 am Congrats on your pregnancy Kristen!
I had a ruptured appendix during pregnancy and the medical staff who were attending me were a bunch of bumbling idiots.

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