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Win the ultimate nursery & newborn package worth more than $7000 in our jumbo June competition! If writhing around in pain from leg cramps has become commonplace during your pregnancy, rest assured you’re not alone.
The chewable, strawberry flavoured tablets are sugar-free, and also contain an added boost of Vitamin D, which helps promote healthy bones.
We’d love some of our Babyology mums-to-be, who are suffering from pregnancy leg cramps, to trial Crampeze Pregnancy Leg Cramps chewable tablets, and report back with their results. Please remember to consult your health professional before taking any supplements during pregnancy, and also see your doctor if you experience cramps that are severe and persistent.

Anita lives in country Victoria and devotes her time to two beautiful, boisterous boys, writing for Babyology, working as a television journalist and possibly the best husband in the world (usually in that order). We also have special newsletter-only offers and competitions that are exclusive to Babyology subscribers. If you do manage to get your bump into a comfortable position in bed, there’s nothing worse than a crippling leg cramp taking hold.
They’re actually really common, with around 30 per cent of women suffering from muscular leg cramps while pregnant, particularly in the second and third trimesters.
Crampeze has created Pregnancy Leg Cramps chewable tablets, which can help ease painful leg cramps.

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They contain Homoeopathic Viburnum Opulus, which Crampeze says has been traditionally used to relieve muscle cramps in pregnancy.

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