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Believing inaccurate conception myths may cause you to become pregnant when you don't want to be or, on the flipside, inhibit your ability to get pregnant when you are trying to conceive. You can't become pregnant the first time you have sex is the biggest and most harmful conception myth. If the woman is on top during sex, she can't get pregnant because the sperm will not reach the egg. Most people think conception myths are only applicable when you don't want to get pregnant, however there are many beliefs that may interfere with your expectation of becoming pregnant when you want to. Infertility treatment is embarrassing or too expensive, especially for the male (remember this is an inaccurate myth--no one needs to be embarrassed, and there are inexpensive fertility options). You can't go in for fertility treatment until you have tried for a year with no success (another inaccuracy--go in for a gynecological exam to make sure there will be no issues right from the beginning). The female is usually the one with the fertility problem (statistically, the male has a fertility problem 40 percent of the time and the female has a problem 40 percent of the time, with 20 percent of couples sharing a combined problem).

Understanding basic reproduction facts will help you avoid the pitfalls of an unwanted pregnancy or increase your chances of a wanted pregnancy. The misplaced logic behind this myth is that pointing your toes to the ceiling or even doing a handstand will help the sperm get to your eggs. Myths about getting pregnancy are especially believable when we are in the throes of passion and allow logical thought processes to take a back seat.
Young and inexperienced teenage girls are especially vulnerable to this myth and may wind up pregnant the first time they have intercourse. This conception myth is inaccurate because you may ovulate during your period or quickly after the end of your period. Many of them are laughable, but some people follow them anyway, especially if they did not make plans for birth control before a sexual encounter.
Teenagers, in particular, are vulnerable to inaccurate conception myths because sex is new and mysterious and they may be relying on information passed on to them by equally ignorant friends.

Males do have small amounts of semen that leaks out during intercourse and it may contain sperm.
Sperm can stay alive and viable for three days (or even longer) after ejaculation inside the vagina. Sperm are genetically engineered to seek out eggs, no matter what post-coital position you assume. Additionally, he may not be able to pull out in time, which could result in having semen ejaculated inside. If you ovulate a few days after your period and there are still viable sperm, fertilization of the egg can occur.

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