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The period of sexual maturity differs in both males and females and also the geographical location play an important role in sexual development. Another interesting fact is that in most cases the sexual maturity determinant is the body size and not the age.
Male to male sex acts are also common in bottlenose dolphins, this activity is called “intromission” and male dolphins use it as a sign of bonding or recreation and in some cases they use it for showing aggression.
Male dolphins are very possessive about the female dolphins and two or more male dolphins are believed to “herd” female dolphins for mating purposes, this will keep them away from the access of other potential male dolphins.
There are numerous signs of impending birth observed in female dolphins such as irregular breathing, crunching or flexing up of the body, irritability, breaching, swimming rapidly upside down, decreased appetite and body temperature, vaginal discharge, contractions and lactation. During the gestation period the fetus’s tail flukes and its dorsal fin remains folded inside the uterus of her mother, and remain soft till the time of birth. Similar to the other mammals the dolphins carry one baby at a time and in some cases twins are born. Once the baby comes out of the uterus the mother quickly breaks the umbilical cord and helps the baby to swim to the surface to get the first breath of fresh air.
The bonding between the mother and the calf is so strong that even in the unfortunate cases of still births the mother dolphins have been found to take their dead calves to the water surface.
The female dolphins nurse their babies for duration of 2 years and nursing takes place while swimming. When we hear the word whale a giant sized monstrous fish comes to our mind, but Beluga whales are just the opposite of it. This small waterfall located in the Shale Creek Preserve along a section of the Chestnut Ridge Park, near Buffalo New York has a rather interesting phenomena associated with it.

Who would not be familiar with the famous brand of cars, “Mercedes Benz”; the German brand is responsible for manufacturing high end luxury automobiles which are not only famous for their speed but also for their elegant designs and comfortable drive.
All facts and images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners mentioned in source. We hope you found what you were looking for.We wish to inform you that this website is only able to provide this fantastic content because of advertisement revenue. The maturity age for male dolphin is 10 to 15 years, whereas for females sexual maturity begins at an early age i.e.
The uninterested female would prevent the male dolphin from mounting her by rolling away in an opposite direction. The delivery process takes place while the female dolphin is swimming and the baby is born in “flukes first” position. The baby dolphin breathes by “chin slapping” (raising the head higher than required on the surface of the water) to facilitate the breathing process. The mother’s milk is very effective for baby’s growth and helps the baby gain ? to ? of a pound every day for 6 months; it is compose of 40% fat. Once the baby is mature enough to leave its mother it might again come in contact with her but cannot recognize familial relationship. Square Watermelons, and yes this was achieved the natural way without using any of the scientific approaches. The Beluga whales are the smallest species of whales and are easily identifiable due to their unique colors and distinctive features.
The aptly named “Eternal Flame Falls” sits on a pocket of natural methane gas, which seeps out through a fracture in the rocks behind the waterfall.

Female do not have a constant ovulation cycle and they are believed to ovulate spontaneously for one to six times in a year. Female dolphins are often found helpful in making other female dolphins to escape from being herded. There is also a possibility of breeding between close relatives but the chances are rare as the vast ocean reduces the probability of reunion.
It takes 4 to 6 months for the calf to start feeding on solid food, where male calves accept solid food earlier than female ones. Unlike other monogamous mammals, dolphins breed with several partners during the breeding season. During courtship the dolphins give various responses to each other such as raking and head-butting.
The female offers her ventral side to the male and the mating process takes place while swimming.
The sperms take only 10 seconds to release and do not require much stimulation to get released.
After successful fertilization it will take 12 months for the fetus to develop into a fully grown baby dolphin.

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