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Things went somwhat fast in the Gregg household- Byron drowned, Ramona had a birthday party, got married to Willow, Willow drowned, and then got pregnant by her BFF Cevin. When she told Ramona that she was pregnant, Ramona blew a gasket and their marriage was short-lived, literally. Ramona had gotten a notification that Malcolm Landgraab was getting old, and invited him hoping for a fling- and possibly a plum son.
Feeling a lust between her loins, she called over Adrien who was still moping over his father's recent death. As an experiment, Willow got a blessing from the Unknown- she was brought back to life before she went into labor. With the movers having finally having packed the last box and placed on the truck, the Roth family said their goodbyes to Sunset Valley. It was clear that very little had changed between them and Caleb was even a bit more irresistible than before. Determined to never be separated again, Caleb let his feelings for Constance truly be known and proposed to her.
Electing to forgo a formal wedding, the two quickly eloped and knew that another change to the family was going to require much adjustment. With little money of their own and still at the beginning of their careers, the couple decided to live at the Roth family home while they established themselves. Ever the politician, Caleb set out to get to know as many people as he could and struck up conversations wherever he could.
She was very happy with the decision and was thankful that she wouldn't miss these special years with Phoebe. Snuggles was pushing himself to his athletic potential but still took time to be a very dependable and valuable member of the family. Caleb got into the swing of things and began to make a name for himself as well on the steps of City Hall.
Snuggles continued to ignore the harsh weather of winter and found that jogging to work gave him an advantage both on and off the field.
Having gotten the Riverview General Surgical Department off to a great start, Benjamin decided that it was time to hang up the scalpel. Caleb and Constance were definitely going to give Benjamin and Kelly a run for their money and took advantage of every private moment they could find.
I've also been stuck fixing my pictures for my blog lately since I had a bookmark for Google+ Pictures.Here's what I've been stuck doing lately.

They went to the park and to the library in order to meet some locals and find new and "old" friends. On Shane's first day of school, Avery gave the boys a lift and decided to join the Education career. Granny Smith got up not too long after that and decided to play some old records and shake her groove thang! Later that day some beautiful butterflies were hanging out in the apple orchard, so Apple Bloom went out to catch one. Twilight ended the party early and Applejack, with some of her other friends, decided to hang out at the beach and roast marshmallows. Another week went by and Bic Mac managed to get over the flirting incident and return to his "applebucking" duties. Shyly, Big Mac sat down next to her and proceeded to listen to Luna's worries and concerns about her life at the moment.
More pony folks began to appear on the scene and Big Mac could see a couple of them staring at him and Luna in shock.
No way was Big Mac going to turn that down, after his stomach had been growling for a good half hour. This other one I decided to be silly with and made him one of those Heartbreaker pony people.
I'm going to create some Antagonist ponies soon and want to play as Rarity and Sweetie Belle and then on to Dr Whooves and Rose Luck. Anyway, I had a whole romantically complicated idea for a plot worked out in my head and then my game crashed and undid all my hard work. Meanwhile, after finishing her first dramatic novel, "Swimming Alone," Anabel is eager to experience new things. A little "Good Times" Karmic Power lightened the mood and soon Ramona and Adrien were being intimate. They got married in a quiet and quick ceremony, Ramona eventually bore him a son, Jeremiah. He and Constance had become inseparable but it had almost killed him when she had to move to Riverview after graduating early.
However, they're now living in a much better style since they took their Sunset Valley house with them. I've been playing as the Apple Family in my game for a little while because they are just fun.

Applejack and Big Mac are "Applebucking" (but since they are humans and not ponies they're just really "picking apples." ). Whooves in deep conversation (you can see them in the previous pic) most likely having something to do with a party and Big Mac tried to throw a flirt back at Rose Luck. His ears shot up at the dinner table when Applejack mentioned seeing Dr Whooves flirting and chatting for a while with Derpy Hooves outside of the grocery store. Once he was through doing that, he stepped out of the store to see the lovely and beautiful Princess Luna, sitting on the bench beside the water fountain, looking sad.
Sure, he got the dough to buy the place, but it was her creativity and social skills that made the fantasy Mermaid Resort the success it is!
As Anabel breakfasts on fresh fish, with the sun rising behind her, she realizes: this is the day! Seems like a great idea- have a wedding party between Willow and Cevin, and see if she gets whisked away after the wedding. I decided to use MC to give the boys the same zodiac sign but I picked out only two "original" traits. They harvest nearly 300 apples between the two of them which gets them about $900 simoleons (bits) each! Derpy was known as the "special" pony lady in town so everyone took great care to be nice to her and not hurt her feelings.
Since they're been raised by different parents, their personality might be different, I think. The compassion in him longed to go over and ask the famous pony lady what was wrong, but he was just so shy!
Nowadays, I only change pudding faces that are residents or if they're co-workers or service sims that befriend mine.
But Anabel is tired of being taken for granted, waiting for Elliot to put a ring on her finger! I also like using "Play with Genetics" or "Copy Genetics", so I can clone one elder that's about to die or test how a child of sim A and sim B would look like.

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