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Seeing a picture with a tiny little beating heart and hearing it as well is magical – Yes, I am definitely pregnant!! Prenatal care (antenatal care)  is the health care you get while you are pregnant to help keep you and your baby healthy.
A (chilly) gel is rubbed onto your belly (this allows the transducer to move easily on your skin and helps the sound waves to transmit into your body). These sound waves bounce off structures (your baby!) to produce an image you can view on a computer screen.
If a scan needs to be done in early  pregnancy, it may be done vaginally if there is a reason for concern.
Your pregnancy ultrasound schedule will be determined by your doctor and depends on your health, medical history and baby’s development.
Typically, you may have one in the first trimester to confirm your pregnancy and determined the number of weeks you are pregnant and a more detailed scan in the second trimester between 16 to 22 weeks. When can you find out the gender of your baby? Usually this is possible at the mid second trimester ultrasound. Ultrasound scans are not 100% accurate as they can detect many, but not all, abnormalities and the accuracy depends on factors such as the skill and experience of the person doing the scan, the size and position of the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid and the size of the mother (overweight or skinny). Ultrasounds should be used for their benefits such as providing important medical information and not just to have a picture of baby, find out the sex of the baby or to have a video of baby. If you are thinking of having a 3D or 4D ultrasound, you need to discuss this with your health care provider as you do not want to have unnecessary ultrasounds during pregnancy.
These ultrasounds provide color moving images of your baby and thus provides a DVD recording of your baby’s movement. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

The dad “understands, albeit does not agree, with your decision not to reduce,” his lawyer, Robert Warmsley, wrote in a Friday letter to Cook, who has never met the sperm donor.
Cook received another letter from Warmsley on Tuesday urging her to schedule a “selection reduction” — abortion of one of the fetuses — by day’s end.
Surely, pro-abortion activists will loudly be denouncing this man and offering their support to this woman, as they claim they support a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body, and say that a woman should never be pressured into an abortion. Your first ultrasound during pregnancy may be  to confirm the presence of a fetal heartbeat and that implantation has occurred in the womb (uterus) (as opposed to an ectopic pregnancy in the tubes). At this stage baby is big enough to be easily visible and a detailed assessment is then made.
Sometimes determining the gender can be difficult even with the most experienced sonographer! They have been used on pregnant women for more than 30 years and, so far, there has been no reason to think that it is harmful to either the baby or mother. These ultrasounds are usually requested by soon-to-be parents to enable them to see a fully 3 dimensional view of their baby in the womb. Dr Bernard Benoit from the Princes Grace Hospital in Monaco has developed new software that adds color, skin texture, lighting and shadow. Parents manufacture children on demand, and then when things don’t go as planned, they decide to then destroy the children, who were intentionally created by said parents. Like many IVF parents, the man chose to have three embryos implanted, because implanting multiple embryos has the highest chance of achieving a successful pregnancy.
It was awful enough when parents of twins, also conceived through IVF, publicly spoke about their dismay at becoming pregnant with twins. You will be able to clearly see your baby’s head, heart, spine, arms and legs, stomach and bladder and movements.

It provides a better color still image of baby than a traditional black and white 2D ultrasound.
First time pregnancy can make you feel like you have been in a tumble-drier emotionally with highs and lows, but it is worth it when you see your newborn miracle. This scenario happens over and over and over again, but it’s no less horrifying whenever a new situation presents itself. All three embryos took, and Cook discovered she was pregnant with triplets at about eight weeks.
They enthusiastically implanted two embryos, and were then outraged when they shockingly became pregnant with twins. And if a couple undergoes IVF and becomes pregnant with a child who has a disability, like Down syndrome, chances are that child will be killed. Instead of treating children as independent human beings with their own inherent dignity and value, we have begun to treat them as objects we are entitled to own.
The latest shocking example is a surrogate, implanted with three embryos by a man who wanted to become a father, who unsurprisingly became pregnant with triplets. She says he immediately began to raise concerns, which have become more threatening over time. These parents didn’t abort either of their babies, thankfully, but they openly dehumanized their children and hoped for one of them to have a birth defect so they could have an excuse to abort them. Alana Newman, founder of Anonymous US, an organization that aims to give a voice to children conceived through artificial reproductive technology, pointed out that these parents are inflicting pain on their future children, often pushing their own suffering onto the children they want.

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