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As a former Playboy model (And Hugh Hefner’s Ex), Holly Madison is known for her hot body — and just two weeks after welcoming daughter Rainbow, the health-conscious new mom reveals she plans to drop all of her baby weight in less than two months!
Holly Madison, 33, has been spending all her free time with her new baby girl Rainbow Aurora, 2 weeks, and her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, 38.
The former Playboy model gained 40 pounds while pregnant, but expects to be back down to 110 pounds in no time!
All mothers probably hope that delivering their first baby will go smoothly like Holly’s experience.

To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. But now that the baby is here, the former Girls Next Door has big plans for her post-pregnancy body!
But after a couple of weeks, the health-conscious mom is eager to get back to working out and into her famous bikini bod! She plans to go back to a super-healthy diet, and eat mainly green smoothies, coconut yogurt, teas and vegetable stews.

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