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The Man Who Discovered Cancer Said This… You’ll Never Hear This From Your Doctor! We work with organizations to strategize, develop and implement their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Create First Responders (persons who are trained to provide emergency care at the scene of a emergency, before the arrival of professional medical personnel) in our schools, corporates, and communities.

Develop paramedics and other allied healthcare professionals and in the process create employability for unemployed youth.
Develop paramedics and other allied healthcare professionals an in the process create employability for unemployed youth.
Challenge: Lack of first aid awareness among individuals (School Children and Security Personnel) in the event of road accidents. Solution: VIVO Healthcare trained more than 10,000 police personnel and government school children in different medical emergencies commonly observed in road accidents as well as in day-to-day life.

Along with training, all NOIDA Police Control Room (PCR) vans were equipped with state-of-the-art VIVO first aid kits and cervical collars.
Solution: As part of creating awareness among mid-wives by HERO Motocorp, VIVO Healthcare developed and implemented a separate module on Pregnancy and Neonatal Care to train the mid-wives on how to handle child birth.

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