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We've been seeing our consultant every 2 weeks for scans and monitoring, but now I'm past 24 weeks, we'll only be seeing her every 4 weeks until we feel comfortable enough not to have anymore.
I've been feeling kicks from 17 weeks but they're getting stronger each week - enough to knock things off my tummy if I'm resting anything there!
If you haven’t yet had a glucose screening test to check for temporary gestational diabetes, you may want to consider it. Your skin may be dry and itchy from all the stretching, but lotion can help relieve the dryness.
At an amazing 13? inches long and weighing just over 1? pounds, your baby is growing rapidly. At this point, PPROM, which led to their premature birth, is no longer such a concern, so that at least is some comfort and our anxiety has lessened somewhat. Sometimes little bubba has a very energetic kicking session, other times it's slow rolls and stretches which is a more strange sensation.
Not so much for the information part, as I've already experienced labour and birth, but to meet some other couples in our area as we don't know anyone else with babies and we've heard good things about long lasting friendships developing. And what a gorgeous shape you have!We have decided not to do NCT as it's quite expensive and meeting people all depends on the group you join.

Your healthcare provider has probably recommended this test, which is usually done between weeks 24–28. Try to enjoy this thicker hair because once the baby is born, chances are it will fall out. This is a good time to choose one male and one female name, especially if you are choosing to wait until the birth to find out the gender. Don’t be surprised if a second tube of blood is taken to check for anemia and a low iron level in your system. Continue to drink plenty of fluids in order to avoid dehydration, which leads to dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and other pains.
You may experience hot flashes due to the continued increase and fluctuation in hormone levels.
If you were to have a 3-D ultrasound, your baby would finally start to look more like a person, and less like a miniature skeleton! Ideas can come from family members—you may name the baby after an ancestor or use a common family name. But speaking to other bereaved mothers I know it's normal to hold off on buying things, so I'm glad we've finally been able embrace this part earlier than I expected.

If you are suffering from constipation, try eating more fiber and exercising routinely to help your bowels move. Or you can also venture out on a limb and name your baby after the place they were conceived, or maybe after your favorite place to travel, or even after a favorite literary or film character.
Hopefully you began to practice lying on your side in the early stages of your pregnancy, so even if you normally sleep on your back, the transition shouldn’t be too tough. Do not worry, lots of movement is a good thing, and no, this is not a sign that your baby is going to be hyperactive.
The baby WILL come with you, to your house, to your family, to your hearts, start beliving it!
This could be a fun, lighthearted time, especially as the third trimester approaches and new pregnancy pains and symptoms appear and hormonal changes occur.

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