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Vitabiotics has manufactured innovative health care products for over 40 years; a British company committed to human health and research. Pregnacare Plus is the UK’s leading pregnancy and breastfeeding supplement, specially formulated for moms.
Includes a high purity fish oil, which are a rich source of the important Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Convicted drug dealer Nathan Howells, 22, from Bettws, leaps out of a moving car while trying to escape police in Newport, Wales.
At least 90 million couples worldwide, 11 million in the US alone, are trying to become pregnant. The dual pack provides the original fully comprehensive multivitamin tablet, which delivers all the essential nutrients for pregnancy including the recommended level of 400mcg folic acid. The instructions were easy to follow but I Would like the product to have contained calcium as this is a very important vitamin in pregnancy.

Register as one of our Bizziebaby testers and join the team of parents all over the UK already testing & reviewing a wide range of baby and toddler products. With only a 20% average chance of becoming pregnant each cycle, it's no surprise that couples can become stressed. I have not tried any other supplements before but I am familiar with Vitabiotics and my midwife recommended that I take them.
Also I found the previous tablets had a funny smell to them which made them hard to take especially during early pregnancy.
I think the quality of the product is good but I am not sure if it is helping me because I have not yet noticed any huge changes. Thank god that has improved too as there is no way I would have been able to take them this time as I seem to be constantly suffering with morning sickness. I think the product is slightly expensive compared to other brands; however I suppose you pay for the good trustable reputation.

I was already using this product prior to testing it so I was very happy to have it sent to me! More needs to be done about raising the awareness of the importance of taking folic acid before trying to conceive.
When we got him home our health visitor referred us to our Doctor due to a large dimple at the base of his spine.

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