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Pre-Seed is a fertility-friendly lubricant designed for couples trying to conceive and recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. General personal lubricants (even natural lubricants) can harm sperm, thereby decreasing your chances of conception.
Pre-Seed Lubricant provides an optimal environment for sperm, with a pH and viscosity that match the optimal fertility fluids of a woman's body. Pre-Seed contains antioxidant support for sperm health and longevity-thus improving sperm's ability to make it through the cervix and beyond. Women describe Pre-Seed as comfortable and effective, reporting that it doesn't irritate them the way general lubricants can. Learn more about this unique fertility friendly lubricant and the science behind it by reading our interview with Pre-Seed creator Dr. Until I found this product I wasn't aware that some lubricants can acutally interfer with sperm and work against getting pregant.
We used preseed during sex, and I used progesterone cream twice a day, and within a couple of months we conceived my beautiful daughter.
After 3.5 years of trying everything possible I bought preseed to help with our fertility journey. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years with 1 miscarriage about 6 months ago. Pros:Pros are that it doesn't get ticky-tacky, a little goes a long way, and it will help you get pregnant!
Discover what you need to know about heart defects, Down syndrome and other birth defects in newborns.

Pre-Seed is the only personal fertility lubricant with a sperm-safe formula developed for enhancing conception. Using the measurements marked on the applicator, dispense 2-3 g of Pre-Seed Lubricant into the applicator.
Joanna Ellington more than a decade ago to address the needs of couples trying to conceive. I usually use it externally, but am trying it internally due to shortage of cervical mucus.
I have no idea if I'm pregnant yet since it's my first time using it but so far I'm satisfied with the product!
Since a lubricant was necesssary for me trying to get pregnant in my 40's, I found this particular one quite helpful. I really thought after three years of trying we would never have our baby but here she is now over a year old and we are looking forward to trying again soon. I wish I could say we now have a little one (or 2) running around as a result but but unfortunately our situation ended up being a complex male factor infertility that no amount of preseed could assist with. Its not sticky, a little goes a long way, and the packaging is small so hiding it away from the kids or housekeepers is easy! I had a lot of odds against me getting pregnant, however I got pregnant in 8 mths of trying. The applicator is a bit awkward, the plunger slides around a bit, so you have to hold it while squeezing the tube to dispense, but not a big deal. Ellington was conducting research on sperm health under a National Institute of Health grant when she discovered that most personal lubricants kill sperm.

Though I could never be 100% certain if this lubricant played a big role in getting pregant, I believe it did. I started researching and decided to order Preseed (we also ordered Fertilaid for men and women) because of all the great reviews.
After almost a decade of scientific research, feedback from hundreds of TTC couples, and her own experience trying to conceive her second child, Dr. Got about 5 more days before I can test, so I can't say whether it helped us conceive just yet. They shipped our order quickly and we received it on January 30, 2015 and we started using our products immediately.
Not only does the Preseed act as a great lube because it doesn't get tacky but what we liked most about it is that it is now February 23, 2015 and we are pregnant! In 2012, Lil' Drug Store Products acquired the Pre-Seed product line and now distributes it globally. This is our 3rd month TTC and felt I needed a lubricant because I'll tell you, it was getting sore after days and days of having sex. So the reason I took away one star is because I feel they should provide a few more applicators.

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