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Please Note: Do not include identifying information other than first names, or any contact information in your requests. Prayer requests that give "too much" identifying information or that appear to be messages to, or attempts to communicate with others (in our sole opinion) will be deleted.
Please pray for the family of Haley Johnson who was killed in a head on collision last night.

Cherokee County Electric Cooperative Association Community Room 3 miles North of Rusk, TX on Hwy 69. Please pray for favor from God to break all obstacles of me and my beloved well wishers each time permanently, for protection everywhere and for restoration of finances of me and my beloved well wishers and please pray for the strong favor of god upon me and our sins to become virtues every time forever permanently at all times. Please pray that we qualify for short sale with relocation assistance and find a more affordable place to rent.

Elisabeth Targ at California Pacific Medical center did a double-blind study with her AIDS patients.

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