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With Kate Middleton five months pregnant now, we finally know what she wants to pop out of her. No name has been picked out yet for the royal baby, but you can bet it’s going to be something plain. The Duchess of Cambridge broke with royal protocol this weekend as she was pictured eating chips, hopping on the tube and generally being normal. The 32-year-old regularly gets mobbed frequently poses for photos with star-struck tourists. And she’s keeping abreast with the real royal’s changing body shape – by purchasing a foam pregnancy bump.
The vest - which can be filled with lightweight foam - enables her to instantly appear three, six and nine months pregnant. The mother-of-two said: "The pregnancy is a wonderful thing for England and for the royal family.

The fake bump is just the latest item in Heidi's Kate-themed wardrobe, which boasts high street replicas of the Duchess' most iconic outfits, costing around ?200 each.
And such is her likeness when wearing the glamourous outfits, Heidi has been mobbed with attention within minutes of stepping foot in public. At Buckingham Palace tourists and Brits alike do double takes as they catch the 'Duchess' walking in her iconic blue engagement dress - a clever a high street replica. Elsewhere, bemused motorists stop to look as Heidi strolls down Portabello Road eating a bag of chips. On the Tube, polite commuters glance at Heidi, initially shocked that a royal would join a packed Underground train at Euston, before realising she's a double.
Heidi, who spends two hours transforming herself into Kate before each appearance, added: "The attention I think is nice, not as hardcore as a celebrities attention, but everybody loves their fifteen minutes don’t they?
Heidi, who visits a personal trainer five times a week, said: "Kate is a very athletic person, and she has quite an athletic build as well, being very muscular across the shoulders, and has killer legs.

As well as following a strict fitness regime, Heidi now spends hours each week researching the latest fashions and looks of Princess Kate Middleton. She added: "There are people on Twitter and Facebook that dedicate their lives to Kate Middleton and what she’s wearing. The Duchess of Cambridge is hugged by three year old Nancy Williams, from the Old School Nursery in Knotty Ash, as she arrives at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool.
Nope, it was Kate impersonator Heidi Agan – a professional lookalike who can command up to ?650 a day.

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