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Almost pregnant women need to get more certain vitamins and minerals like iron and folic acid, more protein, and more calories for energy. The amount of vitamin C in broccoli is 2.5 times higher than the amount of vitamin C in oranges.
In the third stage of the pregnancy period, the demand for calcium of pregnant women should be strengthened.
Research shows that babies need about 13mg of calcium per hour from the mother’s blood (about 250-300mg of calcium in food per day). Those foods which are abundant in DHA and omega-3 acid are not only important for the health of the mother, but also necessary for the development of the fetus. In the third quarter, when the baby’s brain thrives, the demand for DHA also increases.
When it comes to good nutrition during pregnancy, it is important to mention to folic acid.
The typical signs of gestational diabetes are the increased thirst, painful urination, weight loss and fatigue.
Hemoglobin (a substance in the blood) has the function of transporting blood and oxygen from the lungs to the body organs of the mother and fetus. Instead of focusing on 3 main meals, you should eat as many small meals more frequently throughout the day.
You should control the volume of junk foods, do not eat too much and do not eat too little.
Red meat and poultry are really good sources of protein – essential nutrients during pregnancy. Keep in mind that, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle before you get prepgnant will be better than any prescription from a doctor.
The fruits and tubers which are are yellow (or orange), vitamin A-rich and beta carotene-rich can help develop bones, skin, vision for fetus; at the same time, they also strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of lung cancer and throat cancer for the mother. The meat, aquatic (marine) products, which are unprocessed, can make you suffer from intestinal diseases. Each day, you should eat a variety of foods, including meat, fish, milk, nuts, green vegetables, fresh fruits, and so on. If your urine is darker than normal, then the reason may be because you do not drink enough water.
Appetite during pregnancy can be caused by nutritional deficiencies; for example, if you crave potato chips or pickles, the more likely that your body needs more sodium (a chemical form of salt).
These are top 25 tips on nutrition during pregnancy that all pregnant women should acknowledge to give theA¬†best things for the baby’s health and your own health.

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Mar 09, 2016Vegan Homemade Fortified Almond MilkThis is a delicious homemade fortified almond milk base recipe that provides your children with as much calcium, protein, vitamin D, and vitamin A as any cow's milk on the market.
Well, if your current diet is poor to start with, making the transition to eating healthy, nutrition meals is considered as one of the best thing you could do for both the health of your baby and yourself. Green cauliflower (broccoli) are considered a healthy food for pregnancy because its vitamins and minerals which are capable of preventing cancer. Good sources of calcium are milk, soy milk, tofu, broccoli, leguminous vegetables, fish (especially salmon), and so on. The foods rich in DHA and omega-3 acid are fish, eggs, oysters (or other types of seafood else), chicken, beef, liver of animals, etc. Foods rich in folic acid are beans, animal liver, milk, soy, broccoli, sunflower seeds, cereals, and green leafy vegetables, etc.
This disease can be controlled through diet, which means you should limit foods high in carbohydrates and sweets. Iron rich foods are fish (seafood), meat (cattle and poultry), eggs, leguminous vegetables, dried fruits, etc. Appropriate and healthy snacksA¬†will help you avoid morning sickness, providing about 300kalo (this calorie amount is consistent with the needs of pregnant women). This kind of food can provide energy but lacks of necessary vitamins and minerals for the body. Protein helps build and form the main body parts of a fetus and it is able to against infections, prevent blood clots in the mother’s body.
Maintain a regular diet is the best way to compensate for the nutrients depleted when you vomit.
It works to keep the colors, aromas and against the intrusion of bacteria for canned foods.
You should avoid eating cheese to prevent Listeria from invading through the placenta, affecting pregnancy; even, it also causes miscarriage, and stillbirth. In that case, you should eat more fresh fruits, fiber-rich foods such as green vegetables, legumes (bean), and drink fresh juice.

In fact, you do not need to double the eating rations, you should only increase by 300kalo day. That way, you are providing all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth of both mother and baby.
Research shows that, if a pregnant women consume over 300 mg of caffeine (substances found in tea and coffee) per day, then she has a higher risk of miscarriage. Hence, when having a pregnant, you should drink water regularly in the morning, noon, afternoon and less in the evening. This is normal unless you crave things that are not food, such as sand, fabric, wood … If so, you should talk to your doctor. Tobacco smoke increases the risk of low-weight babies and causes many other health problems for the baby.
As you and your baby grow a little more in size, the thought of eating three or four regular sized meals throughout may sound unappealing. The Healthy Belly is here to help make your pregnancy and child raising experience the best and safest one possible!
Continue reading "Vegan Homemade Fortified Almond Milk"May 13, 2015Vegan Baby Bowel MovementsAll of my friends with babies are non-vegan so I don't really have anyone to ask. Research proves, women who often indulge in foods rich in folic acid before and during pregnancy might reduce the risk of malformations in the baby. Even those creams manufactured using raw cheese are also potential health risks to pregnant women.
One thing you can do, is try to eat five or six smaller nutritious meals, which you can spread-out easy enough throughout your day. You baby will need to get protein and calcium from you, as their muscles and bones are starting to develop more rapidly. So keep on drinking those 10 cups of beverages a day and keep on moving around as much as possible. Check out why you shouldn't eat fish, meat, or dairy during pregnancy.Continue reading "Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Are Any of Them Vegan?"Jun 26, 2012Giving Baby the Best By Being VeganI'm about two months pregnant with my second child, and my husband, my two-year-old daughter, and I are all VEGAN!

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