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A pregnant model, who is less a month away from giving birth, has come under fire from her Instagram followers after sharing a series of saucy lingerie-clad selfies flaunting her barely-there baby-bump.Sarah Stage, a 30-year-old underwear model and animal rights activist, has documented her changing figure via her Instagram page throughout her pregnancy earning herself a huge number of fans in the process.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When you actually sense your child inside you, it seeps that you are nurturing another human being within you. However, as her pregnancy has progressed, more and more people have begun criticizing the mother-to-be, claiming that her unusually trim and toned figure could be doing damage to her unborn child.'I would be so nervous!' one critic wrote. The uterus is about the size of a head of a cabbage.Due to hormonal changes the thin line of fine hair that runs from your navel down to your pubic turns dark.
Find out from your doctor about the ideal one for you.Problems also start occurring in the rear. As a result they can become blocked trap blood, turn itchy, painful and even protrude from the anus.Plenty of water, exercise and a high fiber diet prevent constipation and straining with bowel movements. Ease the pain with a topical prescription cream, as prescribed by the doctor, soak in warm tub, use an ice pack and use wipes with witch hazel.
If hemorrhoids do occur speak to your doctor about them because they have the potential to develop more than just a minor discomfort.
Most women will experience the first flutter by week nineteen.Pregnancy causes a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms. So the movements described as butterfly wings, block of jiggling Jell-O, gas or bubble movements or gentle nudges of a baby go unnoticed. It is only when baby becomes persistent with her movements for a few days that the movement is noticed.Your baby is now establishing behavioral patterns. A sudden decrease in fetal activity or three or lesser movement signifies everything is not okay with the baby. Call your doctor immediately when such situation arises.The Shape You Are In when you are 4 months into your pregnancyFrom the time you will be showing a protruding belly. They presume that it is a girl if the tummy is high and it’s a boy if the tummy is low.
However only your posture, build and pregnancy history is responsible for the way you carry. Women who had a previous pregnancy will have flexible abdominal muscles and therefore often carry lower. I had a period as normal but then have’nt had one since then I have had symptoms of PMS but still no period!
It’s been 5 months now I have been checked for polycystic ovaries and there normal even had a scan and everything is as it should be, so I’m very confused had a couple of pregnancy tests done and all have came back negative but my doctor still thinks I could be pregnant!

I am 4 months pregnant and you can’t always trust pregnancy test because sometimes it does not work the right way. I just cant stop eating and most of the time I eat my tummy still feels empty and I also wake up at early hours in the morning to eat. What other options do u have for me?November 8, 2009 Reply Anonymous said:I am 3 months 2 weeks pregnant and everything is quiet in my tummy. Do you think I may be pregnant?January 31, 2010 Reply Anonymous said:Yes, you should definitely take a pregnancy test. As for the irregular short periods, I experienced the same thing during my first pregnancy, Its called spot bleeding. If there is a problem, your partner will let you know soon Sit back and enjoy it now, because when that wee bundle of joy comes along, you wont get a minute!February 4, 2010 Reply S said:This is my first pregnancy.
What would be the reason for the pain in the buttocks?February 18, 2010 Reply emi said:Vibrating sound- it means your baby is moving around and about enjoying the space in the uterus. It lies below the uterus and runs straight down to the sole of our feet, the pain is felt depending on the babies positioning and it can get worse if the baby sticks to the same angle.
I am 4 or 5 months pregnant, and i definitely feel baby movement Uterus is just a tad bit above my belly button, I tried telling my mom I was pregnant..
How do I convince my mom??February 20, 2010 Reply Anonymous said:If you really are feeling something tell your mom that you need to go to the doctor, once you are there you can tell your mom that you need to talk to the doctor alone.
You are of the age that you can talk to your doctor and it is personnel so he cant tell her. It is my fourth child but I haven’t felt the baby moving yet, this has never happened in any of my other pregnancies before! Is there something wrong or should I wait until the end of fourth month?April 8, 2010 Reply rather not say said:hi there. I couldn’t bring myself to tell my sister at her birthday, same thing, stealing the day.
You have a long life yet!And really you just have to hold the confidence in yourself that you can do it. Your sister will probably be very happy though and it will be a good time for you to support each other.
Its all a bit new, hey!!June 7, 2010 Reply A N said:Hi I have 2 daughters 19 and 17 who are pregnant 4 months and 5 months and still living at home. It was a shock at first, but these are my grandchildren, and I could not love them any less. My doctors clinic is closed (being a Saturday) so I was wondering if someone could help me out.

And what did you do for it?September 16, 2010 Reply ashleigh said:I am 17 and I last had intercourse with my partner 5 months ago. I have noticed that I am gaining weight in my belly and it feels like I have gas but not sure whether it’s that or I am pregnant.
I am also worried because I want to do a HPT, but if it is negative that means I have just gained weight for no reason and I am just fat. Can anyone please tell me what this means?December 6, 2011 Reply M said:That happened to me too in my first pregnancy.
You are probably pregnant and when I finally went to the Gynecologist, she told me I was more than 2 months pregnant.
I’ve had a few complications since being on this contraceptive, such as irregular periods, anemic symptoms and excessive bleeding, mainly since the middle of this year. Before I had sex 4 months ago, I had my period on and off for about 5 or 6 weeks and have not had it since. I have shortness of breath and get exhausted easily but then I have moments where I seem to just become re-energized for no particular reason. I felt a movement on the right lower side of my tummy a couple weeks ago, like a little flutter feeling but have not felt it since. Someone I know took a pregnancy test while on the same contraceptive and when they took it out she was 6 months pregnant. I’ve had alcohol and everything so I am worried that if I am pregnant there could be something wrong with the baby.
Could it be that I was pregnant before and now I am not and still be getting these symptoms? Or something entirely different?January 13, 2012 Reply AP said:I am 21 years old and I took 2 pregnancy tests and both are positive.
For first 3 months I did not feel that I am pregnant and did not even vomit and didn’t have morning sickness but I do feel cramps on my buttocks down to my feet. My partner says that my breasts are bigger than usual and my nipples is more prominent and sensitive to touch. Should I go to the doctor first or have an ultrasound done?March 24, 2012 Reply DN said:I am 4 months pregnant but still I am suffering from headache almost 3 times a week.
Also check your eyes for refractory error.April 7, 2012 Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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