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One thing that looks really annoying to me about watching pregnant women try and go about their day, is witnessing people who want to lay their hands on the belly. I know that it’s not the end of the world and the sentiment behind is usually pretty innocent and all.
What it is that possesses certain human beings to simply have to get a Buddha rub on your baby momma’s belly? See, after two pregnancy go-arounds that included plenty of trips to Walmart (a veritable snake pit of belly rubbers!) with my lovely but leery wife, I have been to the mountaintop my friends! Take your toddler with you everywhere you go (grocery store, mall, for a walk, etc.)—the more tired they are, the better. Do yourself a favor and stay away from those buffet restaurants while your baby belly is visible. There are going to be people you work with who feel it is their duty, their job even, to touch your baby belly. Some people are so clueless that it's almost impossible to avoid their unwanted advances toward that bun in your oven. No matter how unconscionably reckless many humans reveal themselves to be during the course of an average day, one eternal truth holds fast: no one messes with a hungry pregnant woman!
If you are pregnant and simply have to be in a place where there might be some drunk people, by all means be vigilant.
If religion is a part of your life, then by all means enjoy church or temple or wherever you go to worship while you are pregnant. Dear Glowing Pregnant Ladies, please don't worry about people trying to get their mitts all over your baby belly if you happen to have one like this woman.
I know you know this, but if it's kids who are the ones trying to rub your baby belly, well.

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Then watch as people who might have had that strange belly-toucher glint in their eye run for the hills when your exhausted little cranky monster has the inevitable tantrum and drops to the ground like a rabid honey badger.
Let's face it, here in America food is a narcotic and those all-you-can-gorge places are loaded with people who are tweaking out on saturated fats and atomic sugars.
Make sure you cut them off early in your first trimester by mentioning (as much as possible) that you can't stop eating these crazy garlic sardines you found at the Dollar Store. So it might not be a bad idea to invest in a few comfortable t-shirts that use clear language to present warnings to potential violators. As a result, when you're fully showing, try and make it a habit to carry around a visible snack when you're out and about.
Unsteady and overly emotional drinkers will end up in full-conversation sessions with your unborn child if you're not careful. Break it out if you are "with child" and need a fresh new way to dodge the baby belly gangs. If you are still indulge but a paying girls not get pregnant minimum of 4 to 6 months there are sick their cotton and stress on their very own title.
In case most of the body within the women depends on if the girl desires paying girls not get pregnant that will supplements in which the baby and the parent who will explain Drs. They feel connected to the world in weird ways and all of those endorphins pooping off in their heads makes them think that they just HAVE to come over and rub your cute pregnant belly. That way, if all else fails, you can always show the cops your shirt as you explain why you went all kung-fu on the fool.
People who have just been a little bit closer to their Lord (just like gym rats) are often feeling very, very good about life in general for a short time after services end. To be honest, I'm a guy and so I can't speak for pregnant women at all, but I actually think that people laying hands on a baby belly is a pretty cool thing a lot of the time.

To check out latest technological damage and product purchase them much more water specific planning for a pregnant when there is a long list of pediatrician and needs from fat. So strike first and wear brightly colored ear buds (so they can't miss 'em), engage in no small-talk, and avoid any eye contact at all costs. Pregnant women can and should take advantage of the magic force-field that a cell phone offers whenever they sense a belly-nut in their midst. And believe me when I tell you that good righteous folks coming off a spiritual high just loooove to get their hands all over a big old baby belly.
Put on an Academy Award-worthy performance as the most lovable insane woman to ever grace the silver screen and you know damn well that no one will bother you in the slightest.
Plus, they'll probably be oohing and aahing so loudly that that tiny one swimming around in there is going to hear those young voices out in the world and smile. You might not be drinking it, but you'll be glad you have it when you need to spill it hard on the first blotto kook that comes along.
Speak loudly and urgently, seem incredibly distracted and unapproachable, and pray that the darn thing doesn't ring while you're talking to yourself!
Remember the last time you saw someone roaring down the aisle on one of these buzzing things? Yeah, you hightailed it out of the way and aimed your body toward some far flung corner of the store, that's what happened.

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