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The Menstrual CycleHere is an overview of the steps that occur, mainly highlighting the secretion and regulation of certain hormones that occur during the menstrual.
Now that you have had a chance to see the steps in chronological order, please observe this chart which allows you to see the patterns of the increase and decrease of the hormones. Now on a more "sequential" manner of pre-cursors and regulators, please observe this flow chart of the steps of the menstrual cycle which shows you which hormones in the pathways turns on or off other hormones. Here are some interesting videos you may consider watching to see the menstrual cycle occur in a more "3D" manner! MelAus PartnersMENSTRUAL CYCLE HORMONES DIAGRAM Answers about menstrual cycle and menstrual hormonalthe.
MelAus PartnersDAY BY DAY MENSTRUAL CYCLE DIAGRAMThe menses, the first dayday by day starting. At about the age of 10 to 13 years, the ovaries of females are stimulated by the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) of the pituitary. One of the cells of this follicle becomes bigger and separated from the rest by a follicular cavity.
In the uterus, this phase sees the inner wall of the uterus being built up again in order to receive the product of fertilisation, if there is one.

When the follicle is mature, the pituitary gland secretes another hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH). At the end of 28 days, if fertilisation has not taken place, the lining is shed along with the egg.
This is called the onset of puberty and is accompanied by release of hormones oestrogen and progesterone.
During this phase the inner lining of the uterus is shed which causes the blood vessels to rupture.
Follicles are structures formed by the aggregation of the germinal epithelial cells of the ovary. If pregnancy does not happen, the lining is shed at menstruation.Several hormones control this cycle, which includes controlling the release of an egg each month from an ovary, and changing the thickness of the uterus lining.
These hormones control the production of ova or eggs and appearance of secondary sexual characteristics. These hormones are secreted by the ovaries and pituitary gland.Follicle stimulating hormone, FSHThe hormone FSH is secreted by the pituitary gland.
Unlike males where sperms can be produced through out the life of man, in females the reproductive phase only lasts till the age of 45-50years.

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It has properties that are similar to the natural hormones found in the human body called progesterone. Characterised by day of menstrual cycle and fertility and menstrual cycle ovulation calendar, Every day starting the presence of .

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