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We girls know that a good pair of black skinny jeans are an essential piece of our wardrobe when it comes to looking good.
Dorothy Perkins not only sell black skinny jeans but also sell black super skinny jeans for those of us girls that like to show off our slim legs. Dorothy PerkinsĀ also has an excellent range of jeggings which are skinny jeans but with a stretchy waistband and no zip giving added comfort form the wearer. Black skinny jeans here are also available in high rise, normal waist or low rise which is great as some of us prefer our jeans to sit on the waist and some of us prefer our jeans to sit on our hips. I hand knit a lot of items because I love knitting but you cannot beat this item for the price you cannot make a garment for this price!

Black skinny jeans can be dressed up or down with either a tee shirt or an elegant blouse to wear in the evening for a night out. Whether its high waisted or low rise jeans your after New Look have them, while in our experience the quality in terms of fabric is great as they wash and wash without losing their finish.
In the Dorothy Perkins sale a pair of black skinny jeans can be found at the low price of just ?7, while the average cost of a pair of these wardrobe essentials is ?15 or two pairs for ?25.
Jeans also come in a petite range and a tall range meaning most of us girls should be accommodated in leg length too. All jeans are available online, while those girls who prefer a tighter fit need to opt for the super skinny range as the skinny range are more roomy at the ankle.

It's not too thick and the neck isn't too high (I normally can't pull off high turtle necks) and the material is really soft. Black skinny jeans are very flattering too, whatever shape or size we are, meaning us ladies just can’t be without a pair. So, where can we find a great pair of black skinny jeans that wont cost the earth but have that quality feel and look we desire?

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