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Do you know that one of the greatest woes of a pregnant woman is not being able to fit into any of her clothes? Maternity Exchange, located at Marina Square, carry the largest collection of imported and local designer maternity and nursing labels in Singapore, featuring international brands like Japanese Weekend, Maternal America and Jules & Jim Maternity, as well as popular local brands Mothers En Vogue and Dote Nursing. Also available at Maternity Exchange are maternity and nursing lingerie, swimwear, diaper bags, belly bands, maternity support belts, postpartum shapewear, and an assortment of gifts and accessories for mummmies and babies.
I also found a nice baby blue chiffon dress for my company’s dinner and dance late last year! This has gotta be my favorite rented piece from Maternity Exchange which I wore to my cousin’s wedding at Shangri-La Hotel.
I have used up all the credits of my rental package and wish to conclude by saying that my 5-month long journey with Maternity Exchange had been a pretty pleasant one.
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Because some pieces are more expensive, they are worth two more more rental credits and may require a deposit which will be fully refunded when you return the rented piece in its original condition.
The collection is updated every 3 to 4 weeks so there’s bound to be something that catches your eye each time you visit the store!
It is an absolutely stunning V-neck beaded gown in an elegant shade of periwinkle blue by the brand Decode 1.8.
You can read up on the FAQ section online if you have any queries or better still, head down to the physical store and browse through the amazing range of maternity clothes. It was not long later that I went into panic mode when I was left with only a handful of dresses that I could still force myself into. I’m also glad to be introduced to Maternity Exchange, a long-standing innovative retail concept which offers mums-to-be the option of buying or renting outfits to create their own extensive maternity wardrobe without having to pay exorbitant prices.
Always remember to take good care of the dresses and check the washing labels to determine if the dress requires dry cleaning. This lavender floral dress is only worth one credit and looks simple but turned out to be great in achieving a soft look for my maternity photoshoot.
Happily married to misterchewy, missuschewy gives an insight into what sizzles a couple's relationship in the form of tested and proven dating ideas, travel experiences & Singapore staycation reviews. If you prefer to do your shopping online, you will be pleased to know that Maternity Exchange stocks online exclusive maternity and nursing wear which is not available at the physical store. You first pay the upfront fee for your desired package and you have one year to fully utilise each package.

Not only is the chiffon fabric very light and comfortable to wear, the fabulous cut helps slim the silhouette and the gorgeous pleated detailing at the bust and empire line adds a touch of glam.
Her cheerful disposition really puts me at ease and I didn’t feel bad about trying 6 outfits at one go ?? Do check out Maternity Exchange’s website and Facebook page to be updated on their promotions and clearance sales! Even my colleagues started to ask if I was planning to buy myself some decent maternity wear and advised me to get a few pieces as soon as I can as maternity wear can be quite costly.
I forked out $20 to have my gown altered by Maternity Exchange’s approved tailor because it was too long for me. You can also rent by individual piece, where you will pay the full purchase price first and be refunded the difference between that and the prevailing rental price when you return the outfit.
Minor alterations can be done for a fee as long as it does not permanently alter the outfit. Regular casual pieces are usually worth one credit each, like this flattering black dress from Maternal America which I wore for one of our staycations.

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