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It’s Betty Crocker’s gluten free yellow cake mix – two boxes, the top dyed pink and the bottom dyed blue.  And sorry that I psyched some people out regarding twins with the double layer – haha! For the other moms -  Did you run through your pregnancy?  Were your more tired with subsequent pregnancies?
Im right with you at 14 weeks and just over the past week and a half have a bump that is official. I also have a question, if you don’t mind answering, you announced so early with Henry, is there a reason you waited this time around? I had early ultrasounds with Henry because of bleeding so I felt confident about announcing early on. When you found out you were pregnant with Henry, my husband and I had just started trying for our first. I will just say that there is a HUGE difference between having 1 child and more than one child.
Also, I am an only child too, so I totally get what you are saying about a frame of reference.
The exhaustion is the worst and unlike #1 you can’t sleep when YOU want to because there is another little body to look after!
It’s not nosy ?? I had early ultrasounds with H so I felt more comfortable announcing early.
I’m 25 weeks along with my first now, and I had to stop running around 20 weeks because of round ligament pain. I loved reading your weekly updates with Henry and would love if you continued them with this pregnancy. I hope you continue with your post updates, posts on having a second, and really anything you’re willing to share! We’re in the midst of going from 1 -2 now too, and I’m so worried about bedtime!
I don’t mind going slowly (and taking a lot of walking breaks); the real trouble begins after I’m done.
I didn’t even think of that.  And actually, we haven’t had an ultrasound yet, so I guess anything is possible… Twins would be ironic considering that I April Fools the Husband into thinking that was the case! It’s fun to see how other peoples pregnancies are and sort of follow along on the journey. I personally love all the updates and posts, so as far as I’m concerned, you can do whatever is best for you! My husband can notice and close friends notice it, but strangers probably can’t tell.

It was really awesome to watch you go through your pregnancy and hoping that I would be there soon too!
However, just like anything else you get used to it and you don’t think much about it after the initial adjustment.
Your recap is exactly what I experienced, only my morning sickness actually peaked around weeks 14-18 (yuck). Even if it is rehashing old material – I soak mummy stuff up like a sponge ?? You look amazing and I hope you feel as good as you look very soon. I waited until the traditional second Tri marker with this baby since we haven’t had an ultrasound. I’ve read your blog through my high school graduation, all of my college years, my college graduation and my transition into full-time employment as an engaged woman.
I can only hope that my life will follow the same lovely pattern yours has, and I’m so thankful that you’ve recorded your experiences for me to have a reference on how to stay healthy as a newlywed and eventually as a first-time mom! Maybe it’s something in the air, but with a couple other friends that have just announced pregnancies they got hit with SERIOUS exhaustion this time too. It definitely seems sooner than with Henry (though I hear that’s usually the case with 2nd babies).
Little One knocked me on my butt for a few weeks (this was a big reason why I fell off the proverbial health wagon a few months back – I just couldn’t explain it fully then). I do like seeing bump picture update comparisons to show the difference between Henry and this baby, bump wise. Personally I like reading other bloggers pregnancy updates – I love seeing those bumps grow!
I was definitely more tired with my second and it took me until about 20 weeks for the nausea to subside. But with the first child you have absolutely no idea what is going on, so when #2 comes along the fears aren’t there (besides going from tag-team to man-to-man with parenting) and you have twice the fun. I am a long time reader but a bit of a lurker, and your last pregnancy and birth was so inspiring for me!
On one hand I am glad we will be trapped inside anyways but i am scared of Henry feeling stir crazy and of course cold and flu season. You motivated me to be an active college student – I achieved my best fitness ever during college! It’s definitely making me wonder about having more children, since going through this while taking care of a toddler would be difficult.
My 23 month old takes really long naps on the weekends, those will no longer be mommy nap times too, right?

A wonderful woman told me that she had felt the same way, but as soon as her daughter was born her heart doubled ?? So reassuring, and so, so true. I am always impressed by your ability to blog with a family to look after, so even if your post frequency drops I will still enjoy each and every one! It also took me longer to recover postpartum, but I feel like I was a lot happier postpartum in all other areas because we’d been through it before. The first couple of weeks were really hard, because although he loved the baby right away he definitely knew he wasn’t getting as much attention and that was rough on all of us. I’ve also learned that two children with the same parents can be opposites in so many ways! When we went from 2-3 kids it got scary because they were out numbering us (zone defense all the time), but it was been great. She had a post about how she talks to her newborn about her toddler and it makes a lot of sense!
In high school I was sluggish and never exercised, I’ve since trained for and won a fews 5ks and completed a half marathon! How long did you hide it from family and friends if you were showing so early (or did you just wear bigger clothes?)? Thankfully we all adjusted and by a month in, we found our rhythm and couldn’t imagine not being a family of four! My daughter was a high maintenance baby- she had acid reflux, always wanted to be engaged, and was an awesome sleeper. I would love to hear about how this pregnancy is different from your first and how you feel physically and emotionally compared to the first time around. A little part of me wishes my daughter had a sister (a #4) to play with, but that feeling is gone in no time when I think about only having two more months of daycare experiences left (after 8.5 years) and the activities and adventures we are able to do now that the kids are older. There are days I want to tear my hair out and fall into bed at night without changing my clothes or getting a shower but the majority of my days are spent in awe of these two little people I helped create!
It’s very cool to see your first baby grow into the big brother role and look out for his younger sibling.

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