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Does anybody remember, Luisa Dillner, the 47 year old mother of four who, oops, got pregnant again? In the column I’ve linked to, she talks about the irony of getting fitted for a false tooth at the dentist, then coming home to nurse her infant daughter. I just this morning had a good long look at myself in the bedroom mirror, Isla, 4, in my lap, and had yet another coming to terms. This really has me thinking…we want to have another baby, and then I am getting an IUD, but maybe I COULD have another baby in six years (32 now).
My mom was an older mom (she was 40 when her youngest was born), and I myself had my youngest child at 39.
I only TRULY feel old when someone sees the photos on my desk and asks me “are those your grandchildren?” Huh! I had my first at 17 and my 5th (and last!) a year ago at 42, my 4 older children are 17,19,22 and 26! When I was a twenty-something nanny I could be with the kids ALL DAY and then party to the wee hours and do it again the next day. I do get sad when I think about aging and that I might not be there for their important milestones, but I really do feel like I’m giving them a good, experienced, love-filled life. I had my little boy at 19, I’m 24 now and I am exhausted all the time (I have the under-eye bags to prove it). At 40 you have the education, finances, experience and patience but don’t necessarily have the engergy! I guess my main point is that deciding to become a parent is an individual decision that really has to made by each person.
A friends dental patient at 50 to much of her surprise she thought it was menopouse and no she was pregnant with two little twin boys, they were born healthy. In another webpage someone mentions that his mother got remarred in her late forties to a sixty year old man and she got pregnant but had a miscarriage.

I have an age spot on my cheek that I’ve been telling myself is just a REALLY BIG freckle. I am nursing my 6 month old daughter and 2 year old son, and donating breast milk to a nearby hospital. But they were impressed that at their age, I image at his age, could impregnate someone, but they did not wanted probably that so they must be very carefull now. I might not look all that great when I roll out of bed in the morning anymore, but I also have a firmly established career and a better sense of who I am. Because I certainly don’t wanna be pregnant for 3 years in a row But there are days I see the wrinkles and the slight slouch.
And bottom line that is something a young mother can not appreciate as much as an ‘old’ mom like me!
I had my 2nd at 30, my 3rd at 35 and 4th at 38 and loved those days of being at home with my little ones. And the mornings when I wake up and my back is killing me from sleeping in one position all night with a baby on my arm. I will be 42 in 3 months and I have never been so tired in my whole life, but also never so happy. Now I am 61 years old (7 granddaughters and 1 grandson) and would dearly love to have just one of those days back to love and hold all of them. He already had 3 older kids, but he told me if I thought having a child was what I needed to do, then it was ok with him (God bless him!). My 7 month old is nursing at least 2x a night and you know what I may be older but I’m blessed in so many ways. It can happen, I was’nt trying and low and behold we are starting this journey once more. I remember the doctor telling me that miscarriage was more common than people realized and that of course I would go on to have a baby.

She’s still able to get up and down off the floor, take him for long walks in his jogging stroller (walks, of course) and lug him around the mall.
Ladies — enjoy those special little spirits every day because they grow up way too fast! I’m planning a home birth, the hardest part was to find a midwife willing to attend at my happy age. I agree that having a child at this age keeps you feeling younger, but also at times wish for the energy I had before. So, when I feel too old to be doing this and I do alot, I look at those big blue eyes and hold that baby a little tighter. I also don’t have the support system in place that I had with my older kids since my own mom is 85 now, but I guess the older kids kind of take that role.
There are days when I wish I had the energy of my younger years, but for the most part, I agree with my mom so far.
7 months later I was pregnant again and now have a beautiful little boy, coming up for 2 years of age and I’ve just turned 48. I am also the Mom now in my middle child’s preschool class that the parents come to for Mom answers since I am one of the more experienced Moms. She had no troubles finding a midwife for a homebirth either, just used a midwife for the Amish, they don’t worry about age so much. I’d have another one if I could and wish people would stop being so judgemental about age and when a woman is too old, etc. Being the mom of four working full time, is stressful but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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