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Julia and her husband Danny married in 2002, and have since grown such an adorable family — we would be thrilled if they are in fact adding a fourth bundle of joy to the mix! Julia would be far from the first celeb mom to have a baby after age 40 — after all, she clearly has some amazing genes. It’s a joyous day for Julia Roberts and husband, Danny Moder, who have just welcomed their third child to the family. The newest member of the Roberts-Moder clan was born on Monday (June 18) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of Julia headed to a Long Beach party a little over a week ago! When the gossip is light, the tabloids like to throw out some entirely unbelievable news from an unexpected star. Other stars have given birth in their 40s, but fertility specialists agree that many of those women likely employed advanced medical technology with donor or frozen eggs.

In fact, a 45-year-old woman has about a one percent chance of conceiving naturally, so unless Julia carefully planned what Star magazine is calling a "miracle baby," it probably ain't true. We're guessing Star might be having the wild dreams, and we think they should take an Ambien. Julia Roberts is NOT pregnant with her fourth child, despite a completely made-up tabloid cover story. The magazine’s questionable insider further alleges that Roberts and Moder have been having marriage problems for several years, but her supposed surprise pregnancy has brought the couple together again. Julia Roberts has sparked rumours she is expecting her fourth child with her husband, Danny Moder, after stepping out in Los Angeles with a noticeable bump concealed by a baggy sweater.
The 46-year-old actress, who already has eight-year-old twins, Hazel and Finn, as well as a six-year-old son, Henry, with her husband of 11-years Danny Moder, sparked speculation she is expecting her fourth child after stepping out in Los Angeles with a noticeable bump concealed by a baggy sweater. The actress recently opened up about juggling her career and her children, and joked that her agent is worried she will soon become a full-time mother.

The Oscar-winning actress also revealed that she has no problem waiting for the right role to come up. The 46-year-old A-list actress has been hiding her tummy in midsection-concealing ensembles for about a month, but on Dec. So I felt like I earned that time in my house and in my kitchen and in bed all day with these two little people. Where the knit overcoat flared away from her body, it revealed a bit of her clingy tee — which showed off a tiny belly so uncharacteristic of Julia’s fit frame!

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