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The most common kind of artificial insemination is intrauterine insemination, or IUI, where the sperm is placed directly in the uterus.  This form of artificial insemination has an average success rate of approximately 15 percent.
Single women who, in the absence of a male partner, wish to become pregnant may choose to undergo artificial insemination. If the sperm count, motility and morphology scores are quite low, intrauterine insemination is unlikely to work. Insemination is a reasonable initial treatment that should be utilized for a maximum of about 3 months in women who are ovulating (releasing eggs) on their own.
The woman usually is given medications to stimulate development of multiple eggs and insemination is timed to coincide with ovulation - release of the eggs. A semen specimen is either produced at home or in the office by masturbation after 2-5 days of abstinence from ejaculation.
The washed specimen of highly motile sperm is placed either in the cervix (intracervical insemination, ICI) or higher in the uterine cavity (intrauterine insemination, IUI) using a sterile, flexible catheter. The intrauterine insemination procedure, if done properly, should seem similar to a pap smear for the woman. Most clinics offer for the woman to remain lying down for a few minutes after the procedure, although it has not been shown to improve success. 15% chance per month of getting pregnant and having a baby with injectable FSH medication (e.g. Many studies have shown that insemination with drugs to stimulate multiple eggs to ovulate gives a higher success rate than doing IUI without drugs, called natural cycle IUI.
Any insemination should be carefully timed to occur at or a little before the time of ovulation. The cost of intrauterine insemination with partner's sperm, including semen processing is usually between $300 and $800.
The cost of fertility treatments as well as the cost of fertility drugs are sometimes covered by the female partner's health insurance. Artificial insemination in cattle is no doubt a development way for our country and nation as well as a modern activities.

Bull sperm used for artificial insemination methods developed for use in healthy cows and the production of calf more than 200000 per year. Generally, seed collected from bull using specified number of method putting them to cow is called artificial insemination. If government organization not provide semen then in such case where to buy semen & at what price ?? Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. It is also used for couples affected by mild endometriosis, problems with ovulation, mild male factor infertility and cervical factor infertility. It is reasonable to try IUI for longer in women with polycystic ovaries (PCOS) and lack of ovulation that have been given drugs to ovulate. The sperm is separated from the other components of the semen and concentrated in a small volume. The sperm has been put above the vagina and cervix - it will not leak out when you stand up. By placing the sperm higher in the female reproductive tract, more sperm will get to the area in the fallopian tube where they might have a successful date with the egg(s).
We know that in some couples, sperm can remain viable in the female reproductive tract and result in fertilization of an egg for five days (after having sex).
Therefore, IUIs must be properly timed so that sperm show up for the date while the eggs are still viable. The woman could develop an infection in the uterus and tubes from bacterial contamination that originated either in the semen sample, or through a contamination of the sterile catheter in the vagina or cervical area during the procedure. Artificial reproduction work should be done by experienced veterinary surgeon without any problem. Pregnancy rate of artificial insemination is low than natural method ways, as well as it costs much. During putting seeds, if the cow affected by bacteria, the cow faces different types of problem.

IUI has also been shown to have a reduced success rate in younger women with a significantly elevated day 3 FSH level, or other indications of significantly reduced ovarian reserve. If ultrasound and blood monitoring of follicle development is done there are additional charges.
Almost in all region Government appointed a veterinary surgeon for improvement of our livestock. If the technology used in a random all over the country then the dairy industry will soon be able to reach our desired destination. In addition, youth training centers operated by the Bangladesh Directorate of Youth Development also provide training in animal husbandry and its diseases or treatment. Through artificial reproduction infectious cattle diseases can be prevent and the cows are not hit by bull. The government has an important role in to training, which will help the development of livestock. Due to lack of seed collection, storage, transport or ignorance the fertility of cow can be damaged.
Whether the cow is pregnant, determining whether it is warm, fertile bull selection, determining the ability of cows pregnant, pregnant rate increase, to increase the production of milk, take regular care with veterinary surgeon and provide treatment by an experienced doctor. If the artificial insemination are not managed efficiently then the provability of worse will be more than good. Related individual necessary lack of training, carelessness, bad diction are responsible for it.
In many cases, when the seed fluid or reproductive organ is placed on the outside of the cow can not become pregnant.

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