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Hundreds of women in the UK, and over 30 in Ireland, report unwanted pregnancies while using implanted contraceptive. The contraceptive is inserted as a small plastic tube into the patient’s arm, and is designed to regularly release hormones to prevent pregnancy for three years.
The Irish Medicines Boards says it received 32 reports relating to unwanted pregnancies since Implanon was licenced for use in Ireland and the UK in 1999, RTE reports.

The NHS has paid out settlements to several women reaching almost ?2o0,000 (€235,500) in total. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service says that if women using Implanon can feel the device under their skin and are within the three-year timeframe of its use, they have no reason to get the device checked, but says “if you cannot feel it, or if you are having any problems with it, do get it seen. The gorilla’s death received extensive media coverage worldwide; the deaths of the 1000 migrants, much less so, writes a dismayed Julien Mercille.

Channel 4 News reports that more than 1,000 women have complained to the UK medicines watchdog about the contraceptive, with a number of those complaints relating to scarring and problems due to incorrect fittings.

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