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In our last two blogs, we discussed how to approach banks with a request for financing and how to decide which banks you would approach. Traditionally, the granting of credit was based on the three Cs; Character, Capital and Capacity. With a heightened knowledge of what the Bank’s criteria is in each category you will greatly increase your chances of obtaining bank financing, whether you are seeking short term credit such as a line of credit or seeking term financing. These searches provide the bank with vital information about your company’s history (and yours if you are a small company) of meeting its bank, trade and other obligations.
Traditionally banks wanted to know how much capital you had in your company and what the value of your assets was.
Giving your banker realistic forecasts that include cash flow will certainly increase your odds of success.
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Warren Schad is a partner and Senior Managing director of Granite Financial Advisors, a Maryland based investment bank. Prior to founding Granite, Mr.Schad was a Partner and Senior Managing Director at The McLean Group, a Northern Virginia based investment bank. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Each bank has unique internal and market factors that govern how aggressive they will be in lending to small and medium sized corporations. You can get a good idea of a bank’s commercial lending posture by talking to their senior executives, other clients of the bank, reading their financial reports and checking their risk rating with an established rating agency. If you follow these procedures, you should be able to identify banks that will want to do business with you and offer you the best terms available. Hi Warren – sage advice to know the focus and approach of the finance options available to you. At Serious we spend a lot of time reading & we have collected a list of eight of the books we read in 2015 that made the biggest impact on us.
The second book in this list from Barbara Oakley deals with very different subject matter but displays all of her polymath abilities, diverse life experience and considerable humour. Along the lines of Thinking Fast Thinking Slow, this book chronicles the activities of Superforecasters, a group of people whose ability to make accurate predictions far surpasses (statistically) that of professional forecasters, futurologists and intelligence agencies. Stanford Professor of Organizational Behavior, Lindred Greer provides good advice on how to manage conflicts within teams. With virtual teams it's important to have a face to face kick off which allows them to get to know each other and understand the context that others are coming from.
We have long taught people that one way of creating deep connections with others is to breathe at the same rate as the other person is breathing.
Creating detailed plans which force you visualise what you will be doing, when you will be doing it, who you will be doing it with; plus the addition of support processes such as public commitment that you will follow through and the knowledge that significant others are doing likewise will significantly increase the chance that you will follow through on those actions.
Research conducted in voting patterns in the USA show that the use of voting plans increased voter turnout by 9.1% compared to potential voters who had no voting plan but who were contacted via phone calls to encourage them to vote.
The plans clearly identified what leadership was and thus helped to create a leadership identity that the managers were required to live up to. There is no mystery to good management, though many management consultants and Business schools may like to make it seem so. MBWA is a great way to increase contact between senior management and the people who work for them.
All companies have strategic plans; hopefully you will get overviews and progress reports every time there is an annual general meeting.
Most people need to be acknowledged for their efforts and receive recognition for the work that they do. What I continually find astounding is that managers can find the time to fight fires or intervene when things go wrong, but cannot find the time to be involved in continuous improvement or value adding activities. One of the things great managers do is find the time to meet with the people who work for them – not just via management by walking around themselves, but by scheduling time to be “available” for anyone of their employees to meet. In conclusion, good management is not complex, however it does require the discipline to focus on some simple behaviours in a consistent fashion.
Many of you will be familair with the Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing model of team development.

Dr Bruce Tuckman published his Forming Storming Norming Performing model in 1965 while doing research work for the United States Navy where he and other social psychologists were studying small group behaviour. When Rudy is not changing the world of business for the better, he is busy changing the world of junior football for the better. While many things have changed in our economy over the last fifty years, the three Cs are basically the same and control the granting of credit in the 21st century.
Banks knew most of their customers personally and had a good idea of the character of each one. If you have had a problem with meeting obligations for some period in the past, bring it up to the bank with a good explanation before they do. They did not greatly understand the importance of cash flow but now they do and it has changed the definition of capital from static to dynamic.
We have already discussed term lending above, so for capacity we will look at your ability to repay short term. If you have to give them, get a firm understanding of what metrics you have to meet in the future for the bank to release your guarantee. Schad was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for several companies in the real estate, technology and media sectors.
Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! One of the points that got the most comments was that companies do not seem to shop around but tend to go to only one bank. After talking to the bank executives and checking them out with companies you know who do business with them. In our next blog we will discuss a bank’s credit criteria for both lines of credit and for term loans. Even with a much more limited number of financial institutions here (Canada versus the US) there’s substantial differences in risk tolerance, industry exposure and loan size preferences. SO, it is very important to know some good tips or how to overcome these conditions or how to full-fill. In this video she outlines the types of conflicts that can occur within teams and how to deal with them. In our work with virtual teams across the globe we always insist on a face to face meeting where team members come together.
Singing is a common way that this can be achieved either at church, a football match or listening to your favourite song. As well, since all the managers of the division were required to undertake these actions their behaviours were in turn reinforced and supported via the social comparisons they were able to make with their peers. The Japanese have a great term for the workplace -GEMBA and it is where the action happens, where the work takes place. Along with trust built from upward feedback tools and other team working methods, teams embrace their manager’s presence positively as a visible sign of support and appreciation of their everyday demands. Great managers are able to take the strategic plan and specifically the vision for the business, and translate it so it becomes meaningful for their employees. If the only time that takes place is during performance appraisal time then it’s way too late.
I call this open time; a time set aside in your calendar where you are in your office but available to meet with anyone who wants to see you with out making an appointment. Specifically, get out, meet and listen to your people, translate the company’s vision for them, recognise them when they do what you want and finally make time for your people.
As well as investigating actual groups he also conducted a meta anlysis of literature in the area of group development. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! These days knowing each customer in-depth is not possible and therefore banks rely on data base searches and credit bureau searches.
Yes, banks still want to know you have capital at risk in your company, but they also want to understand your ability to generate cash flow and its certainty.
The bank will look at your use of working capital, specifically the quality and size of your receivables and the quality and sale ability of your inventory if you have any.
Schad has executed transactions in mergers and acquisitions, capital formation and corporate restructurings.

Even though companies would never proceed this way with other service providers, this seems to be a practice that is based on the false assumption that all banks are the same and have the same standards and objectives. That is a very false assumption.
Banks with higher than average non-performing loans and loan loss provisions will obviously not be in a loan expansion mode. Banks who view any one of these as in recession or susceptible to recession will be either less aggressive in commercial lending or want very stringent terms.
Some banks concentrate, for example, on consumer lending, mortgage lending or lending to large Fortune 1,000 companies. Look at their financial reports, in particular, look at the size of their commercial lending portfolio, both absolutely and in relationship to their overall portfolio. It puts the borrower in a better position to know what these are when it comes to negotiating terms, or even making a successful approach.
He is worth several billion dollars and in his book he evangelizes how one should go about crating something from nothing. Now research conducted in Sweden shows that when people sing togehter, ie breathe together, their heart rate synchronises. The plans were publicly displayed so all employees knew what behaviours they should expect to see, and managers were assisted via training and coaching to support them. Masaki Imai the great Kaizen (method of continuous improvement) guru tells a story of what Mr Toyoda (founder of Toyota Motors) used to do when hiring new engineers.
Findings of both the Hewitt and Gallup employee engagement surveys highlight the strong link between recognitions and praise to employee engagement.
It is a time where employees feel they can engage you one on one without worrying about disturbing you in any way. Over 600 boys and girls have directly benefitted from the dedication and commitment he has shown over the past three years.
These transactions were in technology, government contractors, financial services and business services sectors. They may only offer commercial lending to small and medium sized companies as an addendum to their consumer lending programs and thus will not offer a wide array of commercial lending products or products that have attractive terms. A low percentage of commercial loans to total loans may be an indication they are not aggressive commercial lenders and their non-performing loans and loan write–offs to total loans. It takes a lot of time and effort to switch banks once you’re established, so making a wise choice for current and future needs saves costs in the long run.
He would greet them on their first day at work, take them to a place on the shop floor, draw a square or circle on the ground and tell the engineer to stand in that square all day. By that I mean all the info is put on a PowerPoint and sent out to everyone in the organisation, in the vain hope that it will be understood (if at least it gets read). When you take this into consideration then you have to acknowledge that providing positive reinforcement in a way that is meaningful to each individual for those actions and results that you desire in an employee, is a no brainer. A bank’s annual report may also give you Information about future growth plans that are not reflected in their numbers. Luck plays no part in his success (according to him) and of course “to the victor goes the spoils” he gets to write about history.
In the intervening periods we conduct teleconferences which run to a strict agenda and time.
The next day he would take the same engineer to another part of the factory floor, draw another square and tell the engineer to stand there.
The lesson of the story was that you could not make work place based decisions if you did not know what was happening on the shop floor and the starting point was to learn by watching the work been performed.
Great managers take the time to discuss the vision and the strategic plan with their employees, what it means, how it affects them and what they the employees are required to do to execute the strategy and achieve the vision.
Discussing the vision with employees is also a great way of understanding what concerns people may have or how they feel in general about the vision and the direction the company is taking.

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