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Research in the journal Nature Medicine has identified an enzyme, found in the womb could contribute to infertility and miscarriage. These findings could lead to new fertility treatments or methods of contraception, experts believe. The scientists from Imperial College London made their observations after analysing womb lining tissue samples donated by 106 women being treated either for unexplained infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss.
Those from the infertile women, who had been trying to conceive for two years or more, were found to have low levels of the enzyme SGK1.
However, when the gene that codes for SGK1 were blocked in the mice, they were able to get pregnant, but had smaller litters and showed signs of bleeding, suggesting a lack of SGK1 made miscarriage more likely. Infertility and miscarriage could be identified and potentially addressed before the pain of experiencing infertility and miscarriage.
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There are currently differing approaches in infertility treatments between European and US clinics which may be responsible for the discrepancies in pregnancy success rates.

Recent reports in Europe suggest a plateauing of pregnancy success rates are in stark contrast to the US in which pregnancy success rates are continuing to rise. Focus on Reproduction; the official magazine of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), recently reported that in Europe overall IVF pregnancy rates have levelled off. A 2006 report suggested that European IVF pregnancy rates are significantly lower than American rates. The tubal litigation, or female sterilization, is a surgical procedure which blocks off the fallopian tubes and hence stops the eggs from the uterus from reaching the ovary. Please get in contact for other procedures and definite costs according to your special needs. Conversely, women with a history of miscarriage had low levels of SGK1 in their womb lining. I can envisage that in the future, we might treat the womb lining by flushing it with drugs that block SGK1 before women undergo IVF. These differing pregnancy success rates may be due to the varying approaches and patient-physician relationships in Europe and the US.

In Europe, fertility experts and governments alike consider the reduced risk of multiple pregnancies through sET a good enough reason to offset lower pregnancy chances caused by sET. Simply put IVF is adding a man's sperm to his female partners eggs in the laboratory to produce embryos. Statistically speaking, however, only one percent of all vasectomized males actually pursue a vasectomy reversal. The spermiogram is equally entitled to the anamnestic data and to the clinical investigation.
Conservatively assuming a miscarriage rate of 15%, this would translate into delivery rates of 26.6%.
Thus, many European countries mandate sET despite irrefutable evidence that patients value nothing more than better chances of pregnancy in choosing their infertility treatments.

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