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Protein in urine is usually detected via routine urine tests conducted during antenatal care procedures. Protein in urine during pregnancy can be caused due to simple reasons like inadequate intake of water, or it can have some serious underlying causes. The two main causes of protein in urine during pregnancy are urinary tract infections or UTIs, and preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is one of the most serious and common disorders that can affect pregnant women. Causes of preeclampsia: Researchers are still trying to find out the exact cause of preeclampsia. UTIs can be identified by a variety of symptoms such as pain and discomfort during urination, increased urge to urinate frequently, elimination of foul-smelling urine, burning sensations when passing urine, etc. If UTIs are left untreated, then the germs will migrate to the kidneys and result in kidney infection. Protein in urine during pregnancy can also be caused by many other causes like emotional stress, dehydration, strenuous physical activities or exercising, prolonged contact with heat or cold, or the presence of serious underlying conditions like diabetes, sickle cell anemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia, etc. Before you start trying anything, I highly recommend that you give this ebook a look, which has helped me in many ways to get my first kid.
Nowadays, it’s not surprising to see men and women seeking extra help to boost fertility and achieve pregnancy as soon as possible.
Vitamins to increase fertility will nourish your body particularly your reproductive system in order to function well and become fertile ground for conception.
When you are preparing yourself to get pregnant, more than the financial and emotional preparedness that you need to set , it is highly important that your are also physically prepared and that your body is healthy enough to keep up with a nine-month undertaking of supporting life.  You need to make sure that even before you pregnant you are consuming sufficient vitamins that will be essential for you and your future baby.
If you and your partner are one of those couples who are struggling with infertility, all the more reason for you to take vitamins to increase fertility as they have been discovered to be effective in enhancing fertility.
Another great contribution of Vitamin C as a vitamin to increase fertility is it increases the supply of cervical mucus that aids in the journey of the sperm all the way up to you uterus and into the fallopian tubes to fertilize your egg. How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant – increase your chances of getting pregnant. Although getting pregnant is a natural process, there are certain things that you can do to accelerate the process and increase your chances of conceiving. Whether you’re new to this whole pregnancy game or have been going at it for years, following some practical advice based on scientific evidence may swing your luck in the right direction. The tips listed below are derived from fertility experts, literature studies and my own experience as a pharmacist and mother. Although it may sound obvious, this is a simple point that many couples overlook, particularly in relationships that are overcast with busy jobs and hectic lifestyles. If you’re a woman who doesn’t bother to time her cycle frequency or have an irregular menstruation schedule, you can compensate by having sex on a daily basis.
If you have a regular 28 day cycle, then you can simply count 14 days from your first day of menstruation. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, an ovulation prediction kit can be used to determine when you are most likely to ovulate so you can plan your sexual activity to increase the chances of getting pregnant.
Ovulation prediction tests measure the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge that precedes ovulation by measuring its concentration in urine. The LH surge will occur approximately 36 hours before ovulation but most kits will be unable to detect it until 24 hours before. Clearblue Easy® Fertility Monitor is one of the more accurate monitors on the market which can measure both LH and estrogen in the urine. It is capable of detecting up to 5 supplemental high fertility days prior to ovulation in addition to your 2 peak fertility days after ovulation for a total of 6 potential fertile days.
Determining your basal body temperature is also a viable, but more difficult way of detecting your ovulation.
A basal thermometer measures a more narrow range of temperatures than a fever thermometer (36-38°C) and is used to detect very small fluctuations in the basal temperature.
When ovulation occurs, progesterone is released causing a significant rise in temperature that is detectable and lasts for several days.
Being able to identify a rise in temperature enables a woman to determine when she is most fertile and likely to conceive.

The moment you’ve detected your LH surge using one of the methods above, you will want to have sex ideally every day for the next 2 days since pregnancy rates increase immensely 2 days before ovulation. Since sperm can live in the uterus for up to 5 days, there will be sperm to fertilize the egg when ovulation occurs. Furthermore, the cervical mucus begins to thicken and becomes impassable following ovulation, creating a poor environment for sperm. Research has shown that being under or overweight can decrease your chances of getting pregnant.
Smoking prior, during and following pregnancy is correlated with negative outcomes for both the mother and child. Side effects such as intrauterine growth retardation, sudden infant death syndrome and behavioural and developmental problems make cigarette smoke one of the most damaging chemicals which can cause permanent illnesses, defects and even death. Smoking is a reversible cause of infertility and therefore all couples should seek assistance on quitting smoking before seeking infertility treatment. AboutTreatment For Infertility® is dedicated to helping women overcome their infertility and providing guidance on their quest to pregnancy. Doctors do not pay undue attention to low levels of protein in urine during pregnancy as they are considered normal.
Hence, all affected women should visit their health care provider during all instances of proteinuria. It generally develops after the mid-pregnancy stage and can result in varied adverse effects in both the fetus and the mother.
However, the disease tends to be prevalent in relatives which indicates the presence of genetic causes.
It may be noted that women undergoing their first pregnancy are at increased risk to preeclampsia.
If delivery is possible, then doctors will go for it to save both the baby and the mother; and if not,then the different symptoms are treated with varied medications. Most cases result from bacterial infections, although other pathogens can also be involved. It is a severe condition characterized by abnormal symptoms like fever, vomiting, chills, nausea, and pain in the back. The numbers of infertility cases have risen worldwide and couples want to make sure that they have high chances of conceiving.
One thing that these vitamins to increase fertility can do is to re-balance your hormones and improve you and your partner’s general health.
By making sure that you are getting all the necessary and correct vitamins to increase fertility, it is safe enough to say that your body is ready to take on the full responsibility of nourishing your baby.
Here are some of the essential vitamins to increase fertility to help you get ready to battle the ups and downs of pregnancy. This is because folic acid is one of the vitamins to increase fertility that helps prevent birth defects in babies. This vitamin to increase fertility is also highly recommended for women wanting to conceive. Before you start on taking any of the recommended vitamins to increase fertility, ask the medical advice of your doctor to ensure you and your baby’s safety.
LH is a hormone that your body produces which tells your ovaries to ovulate and release the egg. Therefore, a woman with a regular 28 day menstruation would begin testing on days 9 or 10 after the start of menstruation to ensure that the LH surge is appropriately detected. It can be measured orally, rectally or vaginally but must be measured via the same route each day consistently. This temperature rise occurs over a period of up to 3 days and is usually maintained until the first day of menses – day 1 of the next cycle. Sexual intercourse (ideally every 2 days) during this time will increase the chance of getting pregnant.
So if ovulation occurs in the morning and you wait until the evening to have sex, your egg may lose its viability by the time the sperm reaches the appropriate site. Therefore, properly timing when to have sex is one of the most crucial tips for getting pregnant.

Smoking before, during and after pregnancy is associated with negative outcomes for both mother and baby. This is because nicotine and the various chemicals such as carbon monoxide and other carcinogens cross the placenta and accumulate in the fetus.
Cigarette smoke can also mutate sperm cells thus altering their composition and decreasing their numbers and their ability to swim.
More often than not, protein in urine during pregnancy only signifies that the kidneys are working a lot harder to meet the additional bodily needs that arise during pregnancy.
Protein levels urine are noted by physicians in the antenatal reports; miniscule amounts are reported as trace levels, while higher levels are marked with a plus (+) symbol.
It also points to the role of the placenta.The placenta needs additional blood supply in order to sustain the growth of the fetus. Lifestyle changes like intake of lots of water and fluids, low salt in meals, and adequate rest is also advised.
In addition to causing protein in urine during pregnancy, kidney infections can also lead to low birth weight and early labor. One thing that a lot of couples are considering to achieve this is by taking vitamins to increase fertility. A healthy diet can also help boost your fertility but the nutrients that your get from certain foods are simply not enough. Vitamin C has antioxidant contents that can help your body rebuild and repair damaged cells. If you have zinc deficiency, you are prone to chromosomal imbalances resulting to reduced fertility and a risk of miscarriage if you are already pregnant.
This is because nicotine readily crosses the placenta and is concentrated on the fetal side.
Very high levels of protein in urine during pregnancy are indicated with many plus signs, i.e. The mother may experience blood thinning or coagulopathy, release of protein into the urine, liver abnormalities, and hypertension or high blood pressure. Women who developed preeclampsia during precious pregnancies are more vulnerable to recurrence than women who have never experienced it.
UTIs as well as kidney infections are mostly treated with proper antibiotics and other medications. You need extra dosage of recommended vitamins to increase fertility and so there is a need for you to take these supplements.
In order to achieve proper brain development in babies, taking folic acid or also known as follate is recommended. This can damage the blood vessels eventually leading to hypertension, and later kidney dysfunction which results in protein in urine during pregnancy.
Occurrence of preeclampsia in later pregnancies without it affecting women during the first pregnancy is very rare.
Studies show that women who take 400 micrograms or (0.4 milligrams) of folic acid reduce the chances of their baby from suffering neural tube defect or the underdevelopment of the brain. If you and your partner are smokers, Vitamin C will flush out toxins that you get from cigarette smoking as well as prevent sperm clumping that is also the result of smoking. This vitamin to increase fertility also plays an important role in the development of DNA, cell growth and formation of tissues. A serious complication of preeclampsia is eclampsia which is characterized by fits or seizures.
Other deadly, but rare complications include pulmonary oedema, stroke or cerebral hemorrhage, and kidney failure.

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