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Remember how on day 1 of my maternity leave I injured my pelvis and couldn't walk for a while? And here are some pics of the nursery, especially for Anni from Haute and Stylish who is expecting her first baby in a few months.
If you've made it this far, then please have your fingers crossed for me that I'll have the baby soon. Yep, that means the baby is 2 days past his due date and still no sign that he wants to make his appearance in the world.

Especially since I've pretty much been confined to the house the whole time I've been on mat leave.
Well I can walk now, but I don't trust myself to drive in case my swollen feet aren't fast enough to react to any emergency driving situations. There're still things I want to do to it, but that'll be later when bub's home and I can think clearly what I want to do. I am now completely over being pregnant and no longer freaked out about the impending labour and delivery process.

With the husband at work during the day on weekdays and public transport not exactly the most reliable thing around I've been stuck at home most of the time. At my last check up I'd lost a kilo and a bit, and the baby's head is engaged so there isn't much more of him sticking out.

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