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Velocit Eazy quick home pregnancy test kit can be used to check your urine to detect pregnancy as early as the first day of the missed period. Extend the length of the handle by removing the cap and placing it on the thumb grip as shown. Invalid: The result is invalid if no distinct colour appears in the oval control window C , even if a line appears in the rectangular test window T. Exclusive Bonus: Download our short guide to managing pregnancy, an excellent resource with helpful guidance and practical tips for pregnant women.
Pregnancy tests use the level of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your blood or in your urine to determine if you have conceived or not. This hormone is produced, and continues to double thereafter, only after an egg has been fertilized and it has attached itself to uterus. This usually happens about six days after fertilization. If you test too soon, the pregnancy test kit might not be able to detect the hCG in your body. Most home pregnancy tests give accurate results if you take the test at the time when your period is due. While testing for your pregnancy at home, using the first morning urine is considered to be the best. If you get a negative result and yet don’t menstruate within three days then do the test again. Other than these there are a few more reasons why a pregnant lady tests negative with the home pregnancy test kit.
If you experience pregnancy symptoms and yet the test kits at home fail to confirm it then do speak to your doctor to find out the reason behind the unexplained negative test result. Once you have bought the kit read the instructions carefully.  Although most are same, some specifics might vary. You could either urinate on the stick or into the small cup, if one is provided with the kit.
If your pregnancy test kit uses a cup and a dropper then put drops of the urine carefully into the small hole as indicated on the stick. Even if you see a very faint line then you should consider it to be a positive test for your pregnancy. If you have given yourself the right amount of time for the hCG build up and have followed instructions on the kit then the home pregnancy test kits give fairly accurate results.  But sometimes things can go wrong.
Sometimes you might notice the accumulation of colour at the test margins instead of a line where it should be as per the instructions.

Quite a few home pregnancy test kits are available in the market today.  They are easy to use and the test can be done in privacy.
Other than these some others that are available in the market today are Accutest, First Response, Detect5 Progressive, Answer, Fact Plus and Equate. The popularity of pregnancy test kit has increased immensely as it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to check the status of pregnancy. Women tend to use a pregnancy test kit as it gives swift results at the privacy of their homes.
Since most of the times a pregnancy test kit gives accurate results, many women prefer these kits than visiting the doctor. If you're thinking you just may be pregnant, read our list of the most common 10 signs of pregnancy, which will help you find the answer you are hoping for! Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
In such cases using a pregnancy test as early as four days before your period is due is also fine. The missed period is due to the hormones cortisol and adrenaline that are produced when your body is very stressed. Either this is normally so or you have been on birth control medication and have recently discontinued it. Alternatively some brands might ask you to dip the absorbent end of the stick into the urine for a specific time. A pregnancy test kit comprises of a stick wherein urine sample needs to be placed and if the color on the stick changes then it signifies positive result. Generally the level of HCG in the urine gets detected after fourteen days from the time of conception. Sometimes woman take the home pregnancy test quite early and they might get a negative result as implantation might not have occurred. We recommend you to take pregnancy test with do it yourself pregnancy Kit and be sure whether you are pregnant or not ?
Drinking large amounts of water can dilute the hormone levels in urine leading to inaccuracy of results. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This way you will have the chance to test again after a week just in case if you show a negative result and continue to show signs of pregnancy.

If you see this is not functioning then it is likely that your test has not worked and you should do another one from the beginning. On the other hand at 50 MIU hCG level, a 20 MIU test will show a stronger color line and a a 50 MIU test will show a very faint one. A comparative cost analysis of the best pregnancy test kits in the Indian market has been given below.
At times a woman might be unsure whether the methods of contraception used by her has worked properly or not and in such cases a pregnancy test kit can be of immense help. It is important to go through all the instructions that are mentioned on the cover of the pregnancy test kit so that one can conduct the test properly and learn about the results as well.
For your benefit we have also given below the complete guide to use the pregnancy kit properly.
Although you can perform the test at any time of the day, for best results use your early morning urine, as it is usually the most concentrated of the day and would have most hCG (a hormone your body produces when you are pregnant), in it.
But if the second one also shows negative and you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms then get yourself an appointment with the doctor. A chemical pregnancy is one where fertilized embryo implants itself in the womb but only briefly.
With the presence of pregnancy test kit, a woman does not need to rush to the hospital in order to confirm her pregnancy. Pregnancy test kit that is approved by the FDA should only be used as they are known to give accurate results. If symptoms such as nausea, missed periods, morning sickness, etc crops up then a pregnancy test kit can give you accurate results. At times a pregnancy test kit might not give accurate results and in order to be completely sure about the outcome, one can undergo blood tests for detecting pregnancy. This is a case when you can get a positive result followed by a negative result after many days.

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