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Digital cameras continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, yet they provide very few options for naming images as they are captured and saved.
Depending on what you plan to do with your images, there are three compelling reasons to taking file naming seriously: (1) it will help you stay organized, (2) it will enhance your professionalism with clients and other photographers and (3) it can increase your online visibility. To make matters worse, most cameras default to maintaining the numbering sequence of where you last left off even after your format the memory card – rather than resetting the sequence to zero.
As months and years go by, it can become increasingly difficult to find a favorite a collection of images among the many thousands of other images with similar generic names. Consider renaming your raw images as they’re initially imported or at any time further along in your workflow using a descriptive naming convention. Whether you just bought a digital camera or have been a photographer for years, at some point you’re probably going to be asked to take pictures for friends and family. The only thing worse than giving your clients proofs with generic file names is to randomly rename them.
I realize that it may sound absurd for a photographer to purposely name their images like this, but I see it over and over again.
When you’re finished processing a set of images for a client, consider renaming the derivative JPEGs using a consistent set of descriptive keywords. Whether you are a landscape or portrait photographer, some of your images are bound to end on the Internet. I recommend using (no more than) 4-5 lowercase keywords in the images you name for the web.
Since many potential clients search for photographers by typing in a description and location, I try to work in keywords related to where the session took place. In Lightroom and Bridge you can specify how the images should be renamed as they are imported. I highly recommend renaming your raw images as they are first imported, but you can also rename them anytime further along in your workflow. Note: Click the minus (-) and plus (+) signs to remove or add unique descriptors to the naming convention. Baby blanket???I want to make a quilt for a friend and need to know what size it should be.

For example if the last image you captured was the 6,787 picture taken with your camera, the first image of your next session would be named _MG_6788.CR2. There’s also a risk of overwriting older images as you import new images that have the same default names.
Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture make it easy to rename images as they are ingested into your computer. Even more important, by using a date and time naming convention my images are organized in sequence relative to the date they were captured.
You just sat through a portrait session and your photographer hands you a disc filled with hundreds of proofs with generic names and a sequence number that starts in the 100s or 1000s. Using a series of random names to describe your images rather than a consistent naming convention is just plain sloppy. Promoting yourself online with a photography website or blog is a great idea, but are you paying attention to how your images are named before sharing them online?
Needless to say, there’s quite a bit of competition from large and small photography studios in the Puget Sound region for customers in the Seattle market. To rename images as they are imported into Lightroom, simply create a naming template from within the Import dialog window. I’m making a baby quilt for my soon-to-be-born baby and I would like to make it like the one my mom made in the fact that she used fabric instead of batting but I need to know what fabric I should use.
Based on your approach, renaming your images can have a positive or negative impact on your final workflow.
This type of naming convention doesn’t offer any clues about when the images were captured. Presenting a set of proofs to your clients without renaming them is just plain confusing and doesn’t convey professionalism. Remember in this case, we are talking about renaming images that you intend to upload to your website or blog. I carefully name every image that I share on my website with keywords that clearly describes the session.
Search engines love images with descriptive names because they can be accurately indexed for search.

Always be honest in your approach by using authentic keywords in the image name and Alt attribute (the HTML image label).
When the downloader window opens, select the device you are importing your images from and a location where you would like to store the images. Is this a good material to use, and I will kind of be making it like a quilt, so I was wondering if I need to put any batting inside, or if it should be thick enough with both sides being flannel. Make sure if you do put in batting, it is fastened down or it will go to one of the sides and bunch up.
As long as I know the date of the session, I can always find the master images I am looking for among the many thousands of other photographs I have archived. When you present a set of proofs to a client, your naming convention should somehow describe the session. It doesn’t matter if you an amateur or professional photographer, it’s important to appear competent.
On the other hand, an image named “pike-place-market-portrait-session.jpg” is much more descriptive. When you perform a Google Image search using the keywords “pike place market senior portraits”, you will get results similar to the screenshot below. Also be careful not to add too many keywords in a single image name (also known as “keyword stuffing”). Next select a naming convention preset or create a new one based on the type of image you are importing.
From there click on the File Naming drop down menu to select and customize a naming convention. If you want more information on how I make the quilting hold the batting, send me a message.
By including descriptive keywords in your naming convention, you may increase your chances of your photographs being discovered during an image search.

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