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Whether having children is in your 10-year plan or you’ve decided now is the time to start trying, it’s never too early to begin preparing your body for pregnancy. So, in the midst of all the planning and excitement, don’t forget to focus on yourself, the mom-to-be. Physical therapist and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) member Marianne Ryan PT, OCS, is the owner and clinical director of MRPT Physical Therapy in midtown Manhattan, New York.
I also intended to add that pre-pregnancy nutrition is crucial and worth a mention, though that is a whole other article entirely. In addition to what Marianne wrote about so beautifully, I have found that incorporating Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons really helps. Visit a Barnes & Noble store for B-Fest, a three-day event celebrating the best books for teens.
Now completely revised and updated, the classic guide that helps mothers- and fathers-to-be conceive more easily and boost the odds of a healthy pregnancy   Covering preconception and interconception (between-pregnancy) well-being for women and men, Amy Ogle and Lisa Mazzullo draw on new research from their complementary fields of expertise and reveal how good preconception health can lower the risk of pregnancy complications and improve lifelong health.
Ogle, a registered dietician, exercise physiologist, and ACE-certified personal trainer, and Mazzullo, an OB-GYN, wrote the first edition of this book in 2002.
If you cannot make the necessary life changes before you get pregnant, you can't expect to make the changes once you are pregnant. We are weeks away from meeting our third little boy, and I cannot wait to hold him in my arms, finally see the face of the baby I’ve been imagining, and kiss that sweet little forehead.
With two other children and a husband who works from home, I knew things would probably get a little crazy. Therefore, when I found out I was pregnant again, I decided to be intentional and prepare for first trimester.
Before I allowed myself to start preparing for first trimester, I gave myself time to rejoice.
I also made sure my natural cleaning basket was stocked for my husband in case he needed to help me out anywhere along the way. If you want more freezer cooking inspiration, check out my Freeze Your Way to Freedom series! In addition, I did a quick toy clean out and re-organization so that they’d be able to easily put their toys away without any extra clutter.
I have to say, I felt a little crazy-over-the-top for taking on so much in just a couple of weeks, but I cannot tell you how much it blessed my family. My boys (husband included) would have loved me regardless, but I’m grateful that I took time to be a blessing to them when Mommy was out of commission growing a brand new baby. The one thing I’d add is to look through your calendar and to-do list and see if there’s anything you can eliminate or delegate for the next few months! Unfortunately, for pregnancies #2 and #3, the nausea has set in BEFORE I have realized I was pregnant, so it hasn’t left much time for preparations.
This article is essential reading for men and women preparing for pregnancy but it is useful for everyone including children and the elderly that want to improve their health and diet and prevent illness.
This article compliments my previous article How to Prepare for Pregnancy with Minerals as Vitamins and Minerals function together in blissful harmony.
Vitamin deficiencies may be affecting you and your future baby so let’s prevent that happening. Vitamin A will keep your reproductive system sexually alive and kicking, manufacture your adrenal and thyroid hormones, take good care of your  nervous system and keep your immune system strong. You can get your Vitamin A in the form of Retinol from animals although vegetarians will prefer it in the form of Carotene. If you are deficient in Vitamin A you may be suffering with night blindness , hearing problems, anaemia, tooth decay, acne or psoriasis as well as mental problems. Carotene – spinach, carrots, red pepper, broccoli, kale, chard, tomato, apricot, sweet potatoes. You need Vitamin D to give you strong healthy bones and teeth and to help you absorb the minerals calcium and phosphorus. Without sufficient Vitamin D your children could get rickets, tooth decay, poor jaw development could lead to buck teeth, their legs can become bowed and their spines become curved.
Without enough Vitamin D you may get recurring middle ear infections as vitamin D is needed for the function of the eustacian tubes. The best source of Vitamin D is the Sun. Sunbathe for 10-15 minutes each day without sunscreen with at least 40% of your skin exposed. Men need Vitamin E for healthy flexible swimming sperm and for women it can prevent miscarriages and keep your muscles strong so labour is as short and sweet as possible ensuring that your baby is not starved of oxygen during birth.
Vitamin E can keep acne and unsightly varicose veins at bay as well as protect you from scarrs fron burns of surgery.
If your baby is low in vitamin E it could develop anaemia, jaundice, squints and problems with heart development. Good sources of Vitamin E : sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, avocados, brocolli, organic egg yolks. Prostagladins are hormone like substances and they are made when you munch on your EFA‘s.
Vitamin K1 was given to women by injection at the time or birth, instead it is now given to the newborn baby as 1.8 out of every 100,000 babies that do not have a vitamin K injection suffer permanent injury or death due to uncontrolled bleeding in the brain, possibly due to having low levels of vitamin K in their systems. However Vitamin K injections are now linked to a possible 80% increased risk of developing childhood leaukaemia. Good sources of Vitamin K1: kale, turnip greens, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, watercress asparagus. You need Vitamin K2 for a healthy heart and bones, ensuring your memory is as sharp as nails and keeping you fresh and young.
You may become deficient in K2 if you suffer with Chron’s, Ulcerative colitis, celiac disease or if you have taken antibiotics or statins to artificially lower cholesterol. If you are deficient in Vitamin B1 you will get depressed, irritable, have a snappy temper and find it difficult to focus. If you are vommitting during pregnancy and have lost your appetite this is a sign of Vitamin B1 shortage and could cause your baby to have a low birth weight. Good sources of Vitamin B1: sunflower seeds, brown rice, pine nuts, brazil nuts, pecans, pinto beans, red beans, split peas, millet, pistachio nuts, organic heart and kidneys. Signs that you need to top up your Vitamin B2 intake include cracking of your lips and the corners of your mouth, red swollen tongue, loss of vision, cataracts, broken capillaries in your cheeks or nose. Deficiency during pregnancy could lead to your child having a cleft palate or shortened limbs. Good sources of Vitamin B2: organic kidney and calf liver, almonds, wild rice, millet, collards, split peas, kale, parsley, organic egg yolks, pine nuts. Vitamin B3 is known better as Niacin or Nicotinamide and can be produced by your body so it is not an essential nutrient as long as you eat plenty of Tryptophan rich goodies. Signs of Vitamin B3 deficiency include mouth ulcers, dyspepsia, depression, hostility, irrational fears, insomnia, recurring headaches and confusion.

Good sources of Vitamin B3 : brown rice, organic ox liver, wild rice, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, buckwheat, barley, almonds, split peas. Good sources of tryptophan : organic chicken, turkey, bananas and hazelnuts and seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, sesame. If you are deficient in Vitamin B5 you may have low blood pressure, burning or shooting pains in your feet and a sluggish digestive system, depression, dizziness and a tendency to being argumentative. Vitamin B5 is used to keep your myelin sheath healthy so that your nerves are warmly protected.
Good sources of Vitamin B5: organic calf liver, split peas, pecans, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, lentils, chickpeas, organic egg yolks, human milk, brocolli.
If you are deficient in Vitamin B6 you may suffer with premenstrual tension, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, kidney stones, genitalia rash, twitching, morning sickness and convulsions of eclampsia during pregancy.
Consuming certain substances is detrimental for Vitamin B6 uptake and these include Yellow No.5 also called Tartrazine (E102), drugs such as isoniazid, hydraliazine, dopamine, pencillamine, the contraceptive pill, alcohol and overconsuming protein.
Vitamin B6 deficiencies are linked to foetal abnormalities including cleft palate and seizures in newborn babies.
Good sources of Vitamin B6 : sunflower seeds, walnuts, buckwheat, brown rice, hazelnuts, bananas, avocadoes, kale. Vitamin B6 level inside the cells of your body are linked the the magnesium content of your diet.
If you are deficient in Biotin you may be suffering with dry peeling skin, alopecia (hair loss), depression, panic attacks, fatigue, conjunctivitis. Your children may have stunted growth if they lack biotin and babies under 6 months may have skin conditions such as Cradle Cap (seborrheic dermatitis) due to lack of good bacteria in their colons, as healthy intestinal flora is needed to provide biotin. Good sources of Biotin: organic egg yolk, organic ox liver, brown rice, walnuts, barley, pecans. You need choline to prevent strokes, high blood pressure, insomnia and annoying noises in your ear. As it is also needed for the formation our DNA and RNA and for making the nucleic acid in the centre of our cells it is extremely important for your unborn baby. Vitamin B12 reactivates folic acid so if your folic acid levels are not adequate then a B12 deficiency will also lead you to a Folic acid deficiency. Good sources of vitamin B12: organic lamb and ox or chicken liver, organic lamb or beef  kidneys, sardines, trout, organic eggs, tempeh, miso, dulse, kelp, spirulina, sprouted seeds. Folic acid comes from the Latin word “Follium” meaning Foliage which reminds us to eat our dark leafy greens!
If you are deficient in folic acid you may be suffering with diarrhoea, anaemia, depression, gingivitis and you may have problems absorbing zinc, leaving you susceptible to infections.
If you are pregnant and deficient in folate acid, particularly in the early months of pregnancy, your baby may suffer with spina bifida and anaemia during pregnancy is one of the causes of premature births. Avoid alcohol and  prescription drugs such as oestrogens, sulphasalazine and barbiturates or you will deplete your folic acid levels. Good sources of folic acid: spinach, kale, beet greens, swiss chard, brown rice, organic ox liver, kidney beans, mung beans, lima beans, chickpeas, asparagus. Increasing your Vitamin C intake can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, speed up wound healing, prevent bruising, reduce your risk of cataracts, help you absorb iron, balance your state of mind and help prevent miscarriages.
If you are deficient in Vitamin C you may be suffering with scurvy, swollen bleeding gums, loss of teeth, spontaneious bleeding and haemorrhages on your thighs, abdomen and bottom.
Children that are low in Vitamin C pick up infections easily and have problems with their teeth and gums, their bones break easily and they bruise frequently and become grumpy, irritated little beings.
Good sources of vitamin C: acerola, guava, kale leaves, parsley, collard leaves, turnip greens, green peppers, brocolli, brussel sprouts, watercress, cauliflower, strawberries, papayas. A course of colonic irrigation can help to clear out toxic waste from your body and help to enhance vitamin absorption. Colonics followed by an improved diet can be helpful ideally 6 months before you begin the beautiful baby making process to ensure a sweet pregnancy, smooth delivery and a delightfully healthy bundle of joy!
If you want to know more about how to get ready for pregnancy read my previous article: How to Prepare for Pregnancy with Minerals. Katherine Ung is a therapist that has been passionate about nutrition and colonic irrigation since 1999. Ensure your body is ready to carry a baby by addressing before pregnancy any pain or problems associated with posture or weakness.
Ryan has been practicing for more than 30 years and is a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist specializing in the treatment of the jaw, pelvis, and spine.
Being aware of how to move more efficiently in a coordinated, stress free way, helps for later as the body changes with pregnancy. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Here, they present the latest information and research to help couples prepare their bodies, minds, and bank accounts for the arrival of a child.
If you drink caffeine it is recommended you decrease your intake or cut it out all together. If have cavities, need wisdom teeth pulled or need a root canal, you should get these things done before becoming pregnant.
Because I had been through first trimester twice before, I knew I had a couple of weeks before any major symptoms set in. Plus this was my worst first trimester yet, so I was doubly thankful that I took some time to prepare! Cooking dinner is always hard for me during first trimester, and my husband loves being able to help.
She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her husband, conducting kitchen experiments, researching every natural alternative known to man, and making her little boys laugh.
I'm Leigh Ann, and I am passionate about encouraging and equipping women to be intentional. Just a few examples are Vitamin A with Zinc, Vitamin D with Calcium and Vitamin B6 with Magnesium. Whenever possible as organophosphate insecticides interfere with your ability to absorb vital nutrients.
How much Vitamin K rich foods you eat during pregnancy may well affect whether or not you pass on sufficient vitamin K to your baby and may play a role in your decision to inject or not. You will might feel fatigued with aches and pains, nueritis and digestive and heart problems. PABA helps to form your red blood cells, protects you from ultraviolet radiation and gives you smooth pigmentation for beautiful skin as well keeping those ageing grey hairs at bay.
Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in the elderly and leads to symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease. To strengthen your muscles, use pelvic floor contractions (commonly referred to as Kegels), which involve gently squeezing the sphincter muscles (rather than the buttocks and thighs).

Learning proper breathing and relaxation techniques from your physical therapist will help prepare your body and mind for a healthy pregnancy. Exercise will help reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body and will boost your muscle and cardiovascular strength—strength you'll need to carry that extra baby weight. Poor posture can have a major effect on every part of your body, particularly with regard to pain during pregnancy. She has developed a hands-on patient-centered approach to treatment techniques with strong attention to individualized needs. As women learn that they are pregnant, we move into Pregnant Pauses lesson, created for pregnancy. It takes that long for sperm to mature, and at least that much time for the prospective mother to ensure that her body becomes pregnancy-ready. The authors begin with chapters that help couples examine their stress levels, lifestyle habits, and home and work environments.
If you have any sort of medical condition, you need to inform your care provider that you want to get pregnant. You will also need to eliminate alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and other recreational drugs from your life. It is best to add a prenatal vitamin containing iron, calcium and folic acid to your diet before you get pregnant. In addition, it is extremely important that immunizations for chicken pox and rubella are given at least three months before you become pregnant. To make it easier, I tried to get several meals into the freezer that we could pull out on those really hard days. I pulled out all the printables and worksheets we’d need and made a list of library books to put on hold. And, these are also probably great things to do in third trimester, too, in preparation for newborn-hood!
Here at Intentional By Grace I bring you behind the curtain of my life and encourage you to live for Him in all you do. When it comes to vegetables, raw or lightly steamed is they way to go if you want to keep vitamins intact. The good news is a physical therapist can evaluate, diagnose, and treat pre-pregnancy musculoskeletal issues and continue to help you during pregnancy and post-childbirth. These tightening exercises help prevent leakage when a woman sneezes, coughs, etc, and also can help reduce pelvic pain during pregnancy. As your belly grows, the abdominal muscles that run vertically along either side of the belly button can be forced apart, like a zipper opening. Once you become pregnant, consider engaging in relatively low-impact activities such as swimming, walking on even surfaces, biking, or using an elliptical machine. A physical therapist can evaluate your posture and suggest muscle-strengthening exercises and lifestyle education (such as not sitting at a desk for long periods, and carrying your grocery bags properly). Ryan has extensive experience in treating prenatal and postpartum patients with particular emphasis in helping women to restore their stomachs with core exercises. In a warm, intelligent style, the authors address up-to-date topics such as age, heredity, vaccinations, supplements, and weight.
They move on to how to choose a doctor or midwife, medical conditions affecting conception, genetic factors, chronic health conditions, and things that men can do to assure conception. If you are having difficulty cutting alcohol or recreational drugs from your life, now is not the time to get pregnant.
Folic acid is extremely important in decreasing your chances of conceiving a baby with neural tube defects. Knowing that I had taken care of my family as best I could before being laid up on the couch everyday made me feel at least a little better. However, many women do Kegels incorrectly (perhaps because muscles are too tight and need to be relaxed before strengthening). If these abdominal muscles separate from each other too much, the result can be low back pain, pelvic pain, or other injuries as your body tries to compensate for its weaker core. With proper technique, your core and pelvic floor muscles will contract automatically, and this will lead to optimal stability and injury protection.
Runners should be aware that loosening of their ligaments may make them more susceptible to knee and ankle injuries. Establishing healthy posture habits—pre-baby — will better prepare your body for the extra weight of pregnancy and lessen your chances of low back and pelvic pain. Her experience as an educator includes Columbia University School of Nursing– Nurse Midwifery Program, where she taught physical therapy treatment and exercises for prenatal and postpartum women, and New York University Dental School where she taught in the TMJ clinic. The authors present a well-rounded approach that will help parents-to-be play an active role in comprehensive planning for a healthy baby. Good nutrition, exercise, and the right drugs and supplements are vital for both partners, the authors hold.
In addition, you will need to drink at least 8 glasses of healthy liquid (mostly water) per day.
Physical therapists who specialize in women’s health can instruct women in how to perform these exercises safely and correctly.
Also, when the muscles and ligaments that support a woman's pelvic organs weaken, the repetitive jarring of running can cause these organs to descend. She also serves on APTA’s panel of experts for high-risk pregnancies, authored the book, “The Mommy Tummy Solution,” and has an active blog called MRPT Physical Therapy. If you are taking a medication, you may need a different kind or may need to be weaned off it before getting pregnant. But beware, some exercises, such as sit-ups, increase the likelihood of developing diastasis recti. Appendixes offer income and expense worksheets, dietary reference intake charts, charts for tracking menstrual cycles, and resources for safety information. If you're healthy and without any medical condition or medication, you do not need to contact your care provider unless you have been trying to get pregnant for some time and are unsuccessful.
Physical therapists strongly recommend that, to prevent this condition, women wear undergarments that offer pelvic floor support, or compression shorts that support the pelvic floor both during and after pregnancy. VERDICT An outstanding book that fills a gap in public and consumer health library collections.

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