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If you’ve visited here for some time, you likely know the hubby and I have been on a long, windy road to pregnancy. They help me understand what to expect and allow us to talk about these things even before my hormones go a bit nutty . Babies require a lot of time, attention and energy, so it is important for couples to put alot of effort into their marriage, both before and after the baby is born. Take some time to find new ways to communicate your love and needs to one another, without beating around the bush or trying to rely on subtle hints.
It may take several weeks or even months for your hormones to get back to normal, especially if you are breastfeeding. The key here is to be able to identify when the hormones are making you feel wonky, and allow yourself a break. Respect the hormones, and find ways to clue your hubby in that you may be having a hormonal day!
If you’re usually the one who cleans and only have time to tidy one room today, do you know which one would mean the most to your husband to have cleaned? It may not be at a 5-star restaurant, but a quiet dinner at home while the baby sleeps, can be just as romantic!

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The pregnancy hormones may calm down after baby is born, but that doesn’t mean you are free and clear. Knowing your partner’s pet peeves and specific desires can help reduce stress and eliminate disagreements during this transitional season of life.
Before baby, you had more time and money to spend on date nights or simple evenings of relaxation together. Remember that the important thing is time together, regardless of where or when that time is spent!
Learning and growing together means working through the rough times and the crazy bumps that life throws at us.

Her compositions have been featured many places around the web, including her own blog Beauty Through Imperfection where she writes about motherhood and strives to be an encourager through her writing. It is a good practice to identify the most important things to each of you, so that you can both try to prioritize accordingly.
Once baby is born, it might (read: likely) become more difficult to get out of the house or even to spend a full evening cuddling together on the couch without interruption.
Long and intricate conversations with your spouse will now be interrupted by baby’s feedings and diaper changes.
Lower your expectations for at least a few months, and learn to find joy in the time that you do get to spend together. Things change fast with a baby, and chances are in 3 months or so, you will be feeling a lot more rested, calm and confident as parents.

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