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Not for some magazine cover, a la Demi Moore, but for her own personal collection of pregnancy memories. Sandra Leong, pregnant with her second child, has been affected by the closeup view of celebrity pregnancies. So a year and a half ago, Leong hired photographer Jennifer Loomis to document her first pregnancy. Loomis has now photographed over 1,000 pregnant women from her bases in Seattle, San Francisco and New York, using swaths of fabric and artful lighting to celebrate each woman's curves, beginning at $750 per session. A second-time client is Walter, the New Yorker who's planning a trek to Seattle in a few weeks. Walter says she's grateful to celebrity moms for one thing — there are much better maternity clothes out there, clothes that "make me feel like myself," like fitted tops and fashionable jeans, as opposed to the tent-like shifts or unflattering pants with big panels that made you want to hide for nine months. Of course, as with most things, there's a downside to all this fascination with Angelina's, Gwyneth's or Katie's pregnancies, cautions Janet Chan, editor in chief of Parenting magazine.
Readers have told the magazine they're not particularly thrilled to see how pampered celebrities manage to still look so fit and fabulous even when pregnant.

It's better when they can see a more challenged celebrity mom — perhaps like Britney Spears, she suggests. One of her most important errands: an upcoming trip to the West Coast, where she has an appointment to take off her clothes and be photographed. The idea is to artistically capture her blossoming belly in all its glory, something more and more women are doing these days. It sure feels odd to think that way about something as basic as, well, the propagation of the human race.
The coming months promise the birth of the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie baby, still in utero but already presumed unprecedentedly gorgeous. Since 2002, she says, her business has quadrupled — and bookings in San Francisco have doubled in only the last four months. When she launched Liz Lange Maternity a decade ago, she says, it took detective work to uncover which celebrities were pregnant. Now, women have wider choices in chic maternity wear, including from mainstream designers like Diane von Furstenberg, who has a maternity version of her signature wrap dress.

Now 34, she remembers the then-controversial 1991 Vanity Fair cover on which Demi Moore posed nude — at seven months pregnant.
Or even consulting a "pregnancy stylist" to map out a cool, midriff-baring maternity wardrobe. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, new parents of Suri, are flanked by Gwyneth Paltrow and newborn Moses, and Donald and Melania Trump with newborn Barron. Inside, Liv Tyler and Jon Stewart cavort with their respective offspring, Matt Damon awaits his, Brooke Shields talks about hers.

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