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Everyone who studied in secondary school, knows that the gender of a future baby programs specific chromosome X and Y.
Will have to keep a calendar: it will make it easier to calculate the time of ovulation and plan the behavior of a married couple.
1) About a week before the period of conception should not take hot baths and a man and a woman. 2) Try to ensure that in the process of sexual intercourse the woman had reached orgasm first. To use this, you must find a Chinese table indicating which of the months of the year, a woman is able to conceive a son or a daughter. It is important, according to some authorities, to organize all the stages of the sexual act. 5) Of vegetables in the diet subject potatoes, lentils, dry peas, dried white beans, mushrooms. 6) Fruits you can have everything, but particularly in large quantities apricots, peaches, cherries, oranges, figs, bananas. 7) Shop choosing the tile with the inscription «dark chocolate», and forget about all kinds of nuts. 8) You can drink tea – green and black coffee without milk, fruit juices, mineral water with sodium.

From the analysis should determine the level of the organism and its readiness to childbearing. Therefore, for the conception of the son will have to find some extra intercourse directly by the time of ovulation (the readiness of the female egg to fertilize). A few days before ovulation is necessary to ensure accumulation in a male body, sperm Y-type in sufficient quantities. Orgasm contributes to the creation of the female body alkaline environment in which not able to survive X-sperm. In order to advantage sperm from the Y-chromosome, immediately before sexual intercourse spend vaginal douching alkaline solution. In their opinion, the conception boy will happen if the very act of will be preceded by a long prelude. Woman will have to completely revise your diet to leave the products that are «like» the boys. The further process should be performed in accordance with the chosen way to control conception. For the conception of exactly the boy, sperm fertilizing an egg must contain the Y-chromosome. In this case, favourable conditions are created to ensure that active spermatozoa with the Y-chromosome outperformed the phlegmatic comrades on the other chromosome, and penetrated into the formed egg.

For each year of reproductive age women from 18 years up to 45 per month specified as a forecast of future child’s sex. For preparation of a solution it is necessary to prepare one liter of boiled water of room temperature, and stir in 2 large tea spoons of baking soda.
Therefore it is recommended to sexual activity of a married couple months, promising the birth of a boy. Many peoples of the birth of sons is considered a confirmation of the viability of the father as a man.
Procedures for the use of sterilized sprintsovkoj, capable to accommodate the entire volume of fluid.
Alkaline environment inside the vagina will provide the conception of the baby’s male sex.

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