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Tabloids have reported for months that Lamar Odom is cheating on his wife of four years, Khloe Kardashian. Now Jennifer Richardson, the first mistress to go public, is telling more of her side of the story. Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s marriage has been rocked by two major cheating scandals in less than four months. In the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now, LA entrepreneur Jennifer Richardson — one of the alleged “other women” — sits down for an in-depth interview about her yearlong relationship with the NBA star. The mistress tells In Touch she believed that Khloe became aware of their affair at some point and they wanted her out of the picture so the clan had her followed. She claims Khloe would call the Staples Center — where Lamar plays for the Los Angeles Clippers — to get details on his schedule, and even used his iPhone GPS to track his whereabouts. Jennifer Richardson, one of Lamar Odom’s alleged mistresses, sat down with In Touch for a revealing interview about their yearlong affair.
In the interview, she shares with In Touch that the NBA star told her he loved her and even tried to get her pregnant!
Jennifer, who was not on birth control, did not become pregnant but says there were scares. Lamar already has two children from a previous relationship, Destiny, 15, and Lamar Jr, 11. Thank god I wasn’t the only one who thought the picture above had the woman looking cracked out.
I am married, and went through a thing a few years back where I developed feelings for a coworker, who also had feelings for me. She was a willing participant, and not only that, she admits she was playing Russian roulette by not being on birth control.
And I bet she blames herself for not being able to give Lamar babies and thinks that’s why he is acting like this.
It’s past time chasing your husbands (not even worth typing the idiots name) jump offs.
Info : Vidya-Balan-climbing-inside-a-BEST-bus-in-pregnant-character-get-up-to-promote-her-film-KAHAANI--3-. 420 Tribune is a cannabis culture website geared towards exposing the fallacies of the drug war, educating the misinformed about the benefits of cannabis (yes, including medicinal benefits), and celebrating the beauty of a plant and culture that should have never been persecuted to begin with.

The number 1906 in the graphic below refers to what is widely regarded as the first instance of cannabis regulation in the United States. Now that Jill Duggar has announced that she is pregnant, she is also opening up about her plans to give birth to her baby in the comfort of her and Derick Dillard’s home. That includes newlywed Jill, who has just announced that she and her hubby, Derick, are expecting their first child together just 8 weeks after getting married!
Jill, who is a professionally trained midwife, already has a birthing plan set out for her baby’s arrival. As most first-time pregnant women often do, Jill is dealing with the obstacle of morning sickness.
Hey, HollywoodLifers — What do you think about Jill’s decision to give birth at home? Two separate mistresses have come out publicly with stories of how Lamar had trysts with them in the past year.
For more inside In Touch’s exclusive sit-down interview with Jennifer Richardson, pick up this week’s issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. Just the idea that PMK is probably pushing for whatever drama she can get, no matter how much people (her own children!) are hurt is so disgusting. It kills me that there are so many of these women out there, willingly having sex with high profile men, not using birth control, and so many of them end up with these kids from their booty calls.
IMO if these allegations are true and she is aware of multiple infidelities and is choosing to remain in this relationship I do not feel sorry for her. It appears he has decided how he is going to live within this marriage and you need to understand that and make your choice.
Maybe not so much the stripper but the photos lawyer lady really prounounced that her & Khloe even had similar eyes except hers were blue.
One day Odom will be stone broke from child support payments and throwing money and lavish gifts at these tramps. After revealing the exciting news that she and her husband, Derick Dillard, 25, are expecting their first child, the 19 Kids & Counting star shared that she is already planning the birth of their baby. Obviously, this is not a decision to be made lightly, but since Jill has assisted in at least 70 other births during her career as a midwife, she has a lot of experience to make the right decision for herself.
Thankfully, she has her awesome husband, Derick, supporting her throughout her uncomfortable first trimester.

He wakes up and gets me peppermint and water, and puts snacks like granola and toast by the bed,” Jill shared.
Each of the women claimed that Lamar was serious about them, that Khloe knew about their affair with her husband, and that Khloe hired private investigators to follow them. Radar has photos of the other mistress, Polina Polonsky, and she’s a little fresher looking. Her husband of course holds most of the blame, but fertility issues can be heartbreaking and coming out with those statements are really cruel. Last week, we heard from a woman named Polina Polonsky, who claims to have had a six week affair with Lamar that ended just last month. HE is unfaithful and she feels the way to handle the situation is by harassing the women he is unfaithful with? I cannot imagine being aware of three affairs (especially if confirmed) and staying in a four year old childless marriage. Unless you are gathering documentation for a divorce if you have proof of cheating once why torture yourself? You deserve better and are the only person who can stop yourself from being treated like garbage.
Polina broke it off with Lamar after Khloe confronted her at a hotel where she was staying with Lamar. Jennifer tells In Touch that Lamar wanted her to have his baby and that was all he ever talked about. It must cut like a knife to hear some wench who was banging her husband claim that he was actively trying to impregnate her.
I still feel for her, but she had evidence for months that her husband was cheating on her. She hired private investigators and instead of facing facts she decided to try and intimidate the other women.
Lamar is the problem here, and getting rid of his latest piece is only a temporary solution.

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