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Many questions can run through your mind every time you take an at home pregnancy test, no matter what the result turns up. We have all seen the commercials that say you can get an accurate result at 4, 5, or even six days before your period is due but this is simply false advertising.
If you have irregular period or are not sure when you ovulated, you can do a urine home pregnancy test 14 days after you last had unprotected sex.
For those of you who want to test earlier than a urine test, you can visit your doctor for a blood pregnancy test which can help you determine if you are positive within 3-4 days after implantation or about 6-8 days after fertilization and ovulation. Drinking too much water before taking the test can dilute your urine to the point that the test cannot read enough HCG to get a positive result, thus giving you a negative result, when you may indeed be pregnant. Occasionally, you will test positive on the first test you take and test negative on a successive test, taken a day or so later.
If you are still in doubt, a urine test done at your Obstetrician or Gynecologist’s office is often slightly more sensitive to those available over the counter and a blood test done by your doctor is even more so. If you are going to spend money on a pregnancy test, it may be in your best interest to get the most sensitive and accurate test on the market. According to CBS news and Parents Magazine, the clear stand out in the standard stick test category is the First Response Early Pregnancy Test which also comes out on top in the newer digital category of pregnancy tests. Another inexpensive pregnancy test kit that comes out top with rave reviews for their sensitivity and accuracy is the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips. Both of these test kits are rated most accurate, clearest, most sensitive, most reliable, and easiest to read.
In our modern age, it seems we no longer really have to wonder very long if we are pregnant.
I definitely agree with everything in this post- especially the part about following the directions of the test properly!
I wish everyone good luck in their journey to become parents- and remind you to follow the test directions properly! Yes, I’m currently late now (3 days) and my husband and I are HOPING that the test comes positive.
Something that I wish I’d have thought of before buying my pregnancy test — how easy it would be to keep! I was one of those women who took many an unnecessary test because I just couldn’t wait! With my second child I once again knew right away I was pregnant, this time I waited until after my period would have started only to be greeted with an unusual test result – instead of a plus or minus the whole screen turned pink (faulty test strip) luckily here was more than one in the box for me to use! So true- there’s nothing as nerve wracking as waiting to find out if you’re pregnant! My first day of my last period was 2nd November and ended on the 5th November my fertile days are 13,14,15,16 November I had intercourse on the 15 and it says I ovulate on the 16 my periods are regular my next period is the 30th of November I was wondering what chance is there I could be pregnant ? I’m 12 days late of my period and i take a pregnancy test at home and it turns out negative. Positive home pregnancy test , negative blood test - why?, Why was my home pregnancy test positive, but my blood test negative?.

Advice on faint positive pregnancy test results - faint, Does a faint positive line on a pregnancy test mean you're expecting?
False positive pregnancy test, Learn more about false positive pregnancy test and chemical pregnancies.. Testing Early: The BabyConfirm pregnancy test can be used 5 days before the day of your missed period. Either you’ve missed your period or your contraception failed, and now you’re wondering if you might be pregnant. Instead of worrying, let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions about urine home pregnancy tests (HPT) and find out if you are really pregnant.
These tests are looking for the presence of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) that is produced as the placenta forms and grows, after the fertilized egg has implanted. However for accuracy of result, it is recommeneded to do the test 21 days after intercourse. Having sex before taking a home pregnancy test, using drugs or alcohol, and taking antibiotics, including birth control pills or fertility enhacers, should not have an effect on a home pregnancy test.
There are two basic types of pregnancy tests: one where you pee on a stick encased in plastic and one where you pee in a cup and use a dropper to place urine in a slot. False negatives are usually due to testing too early, not following the testing directions correctly, reading the results long after the reaction time (when an evaporation line has appeared), using an expired test or the presence of a chemical pregnancy, when the egg becomes fertilized but never attaches to the uterine lining. If the blood test comes back negative and you are more than seven days past the date of your normal period, it is highly unlikely that you are not pregnant. Value for money, they are the gold standard and seem to detect the earliest and lowest levels of HCG when present. While our aunts and grandmothers may have needed more obvious symptoms of pregnancy to appear to allay their fears or boost their hopes, it seems that if taken at the right time, in the right conditions, following the proper steps, a quick trip to the drugstore and then the bathroom, is all that is needed to verify whether we will need to think about color schemes for a nursery in the near future. Click here for obGyn-recommended fertility supplements and ovulation prediction tools for trying to conceive couples. In fact after three negatives when I just knew I was pregnant I went in to see my doctor who confirmed with a blood test that I was in fact pregnant – one day later the home test finally started showing positive, I just couldn’t wait for it! I would say wait as long after your missed period as you can bear to at least a week and I have used the cheapest test before and it gave an accurate result for my last pregnancy. It sounds like this is one item where it’s better to spend a little more and buy the best pregnancy test on the market. It’s really clear and helpful, and your article answered a lot of the questions that I had. It’s better to wait until the right time to test since your body will experience some changes. The BabyConfirm test can detect the pregnancy hormone 5 days before a missed period.The BabyConfirm One Step HCG Urine Test is a rapid pregnancy test, which you can easily use by yourself without the need for professional supervision. For those of us who have been trying to conceive, we may feel slight flutters of hope, but if it’s something we are trying to avoid, it is likely fear and trepidation will set in. To make sure you are not wasting money on a test, it is not advised to test until at least one day after your regular period would start, but for optimal results, you should wait at least seven to ten days after the day your monthly cycle normally begins.

Only drugs containing HCG such as, Profasi, Pregnyl, Humegon or Pergonal or some fertility treatments that contain HCG could cause a false positive on a pregnancy test. If you pee directly on the one that requires a dropper, it could cause you to get incorrect results. Chemical pregnancies sometimes show up because your body makes the same amount of HCG as if the fertilized egg had actually implanted, and yet, if implantation does not occur, you are not actually pregnant. I have also wasted money buying expensive early testing kits when I should have waited as my period was just late. Is it because i had sex on my safe dayso am definitely not pregnant or is it that i took the test too early but i really want to find out if am pregnant. It detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which appears in urine very early during pregnancy. In clinical testing, the BabyConfirm Pregnancy Test Kit detected the pregnancy hormone in 65% of women when tested 5 days before their expected period, 82% at 3 days before their expected period, 89% at 2 days before their expected period and 90% at one day before their expected period. Off you go to the pharmacy, secretively depositing your pregnancy test kits in your purse until you can sneak away to the bathroom to see what the future may hold. Additionally, neither yeast infections nor urinary tract infections are known to cause false positives on at home pregnancy tests. For best results, you should follow all directions and try to test during your first urination after waking. This could lead a woman to think the test result was false, but it was not a true pregnancy.
You tested positive because your body thought you were pregnant, when in fact the egg was unable to implant (usually because it is not a viable egg), thus leading to a later negative test result. After 9 days of testing, it was a definite positive… I felt so silly for not making sure to follow the directions, I ended up wasting quite a few tests! Literally you are only paying for a litmus strip of paper with Hcg activated ink on the test line. If your first test reads negative or is only faintly positive and you still feel you may be pregnant, wait a few days and test again. Douches or soap and water vaginal washes do not prevent pregnancy; neither will they cause inaccurate test results for a home pregnancy test. That being said, all of these things could cause a false negative on a pregnancy test, but again, if you think you are pregnant even after a negative reading, wait a few days and test again.
So I encourage you who are testing at home to follow the test kit instructions properly since I may did it wrong by testing early. At home pregnancy tests are sensitive to different levels of HCG and you may not have enough of the hormone present yet to test a strong positive on the brand you are using.
Any at home test, taken at the correct time and following directions on the label will give you an accurate result.

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