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The Federal Appeals Court for the Fourth Circuit recently decided to reopen a case regarding deceptive crisis pregnancy centers, a case that had been decided upon in June. Once inside, staff members attempt to talk the patients out of receiving an abortion, many times using Christian teachings to justify their actions. A young woman in this video compiled by the New York branch of NARAL, a pro-choice advocacy organization, gives her account of being misinformed about abortion and being harassed by CPC staff after she visited a center to receive help and information about her pregnancy.
The number ratio of CPCs to abortion clinics in the United States indicates a significant lack of safe, efficient access to reproductive health services: there are an estimated 2,300 to 3,500 crisis pregnancy centers throughout the country, as opposed to approximately 1,800 abortion clinics. Crisis pregnancy centers have received over $30 million in federal funding since 2001, mostly from abstinence-only education grants. Several cities have passed legislation similar to the Baltimore bill in order to regulate the claims that crisis pregnancy centers make in their advertising, including New York City and Austin, Texas.

The question of whether or not to regulate CPCs’ advertising claims is not only a matter of false advertising and deception, it is part of the much larger issue of ensuring that women throughout the country have safe access to the quality information and services that they seek and deserve. By clicking and submitting a comment I acknowledge the Privacy Policy and agree to the Terms of Use. Many women enter crisis pregnancy centers seeking sound medical advice and counseling in order to decide upon an option that will affect the rest of their lives, but can instead become victims of misleading information and unfair scare tactics. CPCs have also been found to provide misleading information about abortions, including false information about the mental effects of undergoing abortion procedures and fabricated statistics regarding health risks.
A provision of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 mandates that $50 million of federal money be allocated to abstinence-until-marriage education programs every year from 2010 through 2014. I understand that my comments are also being governed by Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies as applicable, which can be found here.

Some centers show graphic pictures of unborn fetuses or videos of abortion procedures in an attempt to overwhelm women who seek their assistance with a sense of guilt. The centers often fail to provide the free contraception they claim to offer, and advocate abstinence rather than providing information about safe sex.

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