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But experts warn that feeling mentally ready to try for another pregnancy can be a little less straight-forward. According to Dr Cindy Pan, many women suffer a great deal of distress and grief following a miscarriage and this can take time to resolve.
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An IUD is one of the most effective and safe forms of birth control available in the United States and around the world. After your IUD is removed you can go ahead and start trying if you want to conceive soon after.

The general recommendation is that you wait until after one normal menstrual period to try to conceive. If you don't want to get pregnant right away, be sure to choose another method of birth control as you could conceive shortly after removing your IUD. In a study reported in the International Journal of Fertility (PubMed abstracted), 61.5 % of women got pregnant within 3 months of IUD removal. In another study reported in Contraception (PubMed abstracted), 55.9% of women conceived within 3 months of IUD removal. IUDs are very effective in preventing pregnancy and easy to remove if you want to get pregnant. If you miss a period after your IUD is removed, consult your doctor for a pregnancy test and an evaluation.

This makes it easier to date your pregnancy, as dating starts from the first day of your normal period. For example, if you have your IUD removed during your period (which is typically the recommended timing for removal), you could conceive when you ovulate a week or so later. Because the effects of IUDs on the sperm, uterus and cervix revert quickly, you can choose to get pregnant soon after removal. When the IUD is removed, your fertility returns quickly and there should be no delay in your ability to get pregnant.

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