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In a perfect world, becoming pregnant would be as easy as having unprotected sex and a few weeks later, you find out you’ve conceived. Not all couples will conceive on their first try, or even during the first month of trying.
For a majority of couples who are trying to get pregnant, they will conceive within one year of actively trying. 85 percent will successfully get pregnant one year (12 months) after they start trying to conceive.
How fast it takes you to get pregnant depends on various factors, including how fertile you are.
Two years of actively trying to conceive naturally (without fertility drugs, IVF, or other means) has a 95 percent conception rate. As mentioned above, how frequently you ovulate can play a major role in how fast you get pregnant. You have a history of reproductive health problems, like pelvic inflammatory disease, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), uterine fibroids, and blocked fallopian tubes. It’s also a good idea to pinpoint your ovulation during that month, and have sex around that time. My wife and I must be an average couple because we were able to conceive both times well within the six months of actively trying to get pregnant.
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LEGAL CONDITIONS, TERMS OF SERVICE, BLOG DISCLAIMER, AND PRIVACY POLICY ARE APPLICABLE TO ALL USERS OF THIS SITE. Try intercourse close to ovulation, coffee for him and breakfast cereal for her in order to get pregnant with a boy. In fact, when your preference is for a boy, Mother Nature has already given you a slight advantage: Worldwide, approximately 105 baby boys are born to every 100 girls.
Many of the methods for trying to conceive a boy are also better for your overall fertility than the methods for having a girl, and shouldn’t make it more difficult for you to conceive in the first place. The Shettles Method is based on the assumption that male sperm cells are faster, but more fragile, than female sperm cells.
As a result, Shettles recommends using a condom or avoiding intercourse during the last 4-5 days before ovulation, except the “now or never” intercourse which should take place no more than 12 hours before ovulation. To make this work, you obviously need to be able to pinpoint the time of ovulation very precisely. As a general rule, sperm cells thrive in alkaline (high pH) environments and dislike acidic (low pH) conditions. Choose the right lovemaking position: The area around your cervix is more alkaline than the entrance to you vagina. Have an orgasm: When you have an orgasm, the cervical mucus inside your vagina becomes more alkaline and creates a better environment for male sperm. Eat the right foods: Your diet may also influence your body’s pH levels and thereby your chances of getting pregnant with a boy.
Take a supplement: To complement your dietary efforts, a supplement can further stimulate a more alkaline environment.
To increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy, Shettles recommends that the male partner try to keep his testicles cool. A British study of the relationship between women’s diets and the gender of their babies found that breakfast cereal was the only food item strongly associated with infant sex: Women producing male infants consumed more breakfast cereal than those with female infants. The study also found that individual mothers had a greater chance of having baby boys if their overall energy intake was high prior to conception. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already chosen the father of your children, and this tip is coming too late.

All information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Several factors should be considered when answering the question "How long does conception take?" While for some women, getting pregnant can happen before they even start actively trying, other women try to conceive for years without any luck. A woman's age is a big factor when answering the question "How long does conception take?" While plenty of women have babies as they near, or pass, the age of 40, a woman's chance of conceiving is considerably greater when she is younger. A woman who has previously had certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other medical conditions that have affected her reproductive health is less likely to conceive than a woman whose reproductive system has never been compromised.
In order to protect your reproductive health, stay informed about the natural ways to increase fertility. A woman's overall physical and mental health can greatly affect her chances of conceiving a baby. In addition to overall physical health, high stress levels can also affect a woman's ability to reproduce; women with low stress levels and adequate sleep often conceive more easily. How often you have sex, and when it falls within your menstrual cycle, will have a considerable impact on how long it takes to get a positive pregnancy test result.
For women who use birth control pills or other hormonal birth control, it is important to consider how long it takes the body to fully eradicate hormonal substances. For young women who do not have any of the risk factors above and who have intercourse on a regular basis, especially when timed to coincide with ovulation, conception can occur anywhere from one to 12 months. In reality, getting pregnant is a trickier process and there are a variety of things that can interfere with ovulation and conception – such as illness, your age, how often you ovulate, your husband’s sperm motility, and stress.
Women who ovulate every single month have a greater chance of getting pregnant within a few months, compared to women who do not ovulate as often. Women who are younger (under 35) and ovulate every single month have a higher chance of getting pregnant.
As you age, you have fewer eggs, you don’t ovulate as regularly, and your eggs are not as viable or healthy. Remember that if you are having trouble conceiving naturally there is a huge range of fertility treatments available to you. While natural methods for gender selection can never guarantee the result you wish for, this article summarizes the available methods for swaying the odds. In order to get pregnant with a boy, you therefore have to create conditions that favor the fast-moving male sperm rather than the more robust female sperm.
Because male sperm cells are moving faster, having intercourse as closely to ovulation as possible increases the chance that a male sperm will reach the egg first. Temperature charting is a great tool for getting to know your cycle if it takes more than a few months to get pregnant, but it will only indicate the ovulation day once ovulation is over and it’s too late for conception. According to Shettles, a low vaginal pH will kill the weaker male sperm first, favoring the more robust female sperm. Making love in a position which allows deep penetration, such as the doggy style, will make sure that the sperm is released as closely to the cervix as possible, which favors the male sperm cells.
Shettles suggests enhancing alkalinity by douching with baking soda, although only under medical supervision and only for women who are very acidic. Again, a lower scrotal temperature is good for sperm in general, but male sperm will get a greater benefit than the more resistant female sperm. Use boxer shorts instead of briefs, avoid tight clothing in general, and avoid hot baths, saunas and heated car seats. Shettles also believed that a couple cups of coffee (or another caffeinated drink) 15 to 30 minutes before intercourse would give both male and female sperm an extra boost, but that male sperm would be most favored.
So if you’re hoping to get pregnant with a boy, this isn’t the right time to go on a diet, and definitely don’t skip your breakfast.
But if your man happens to be a billionaire who inherited his fortune, you’re in luck: Male billionaire heirs get more male children than the general population, according to a recent study.
It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Statistics show that the reason for fertility problems lies with the male partner 40 percent of the time and with the female 40 percent.

In general, women under the age of 30 have the greatest chance of conceiving a healthy baby and doctors cite the age of 35 as the turning point where conception becomes less and less likely.
Chlamydia and gonorrhea are two STDs that are not only fairly common, but are also without symptoms. A balanced diet, minimal caffeine and alcohol consumption, and no drug use are all lifestyle factors that can help a woman conceive a baby.
In general, women are fertile for a few days prior to ovulation and a few days following ovulation. If you want to get pregnant, you will need to discontinue your use of hormonal birth control at least six months before you want to start trying to conceive. Doctors recommend trying to conceive for at least a year before becoming concerned and looking into both partners' fertility. Please consult your own healthcare provider about any questions you may have about your specific situation. Although his claims to a 75-90% success rate have never been proven, the method has the advantages of being natural, low-cost, and reasonably easy to implement for any couple. On the other hand, intercourse in the days before ovulation will increase the likelihood of having a girl: Because the female sperm cells live longer, there will be more female than male sperm still around when the egg is finally released and ready to be fertilized. Observing your cervical mucus can help you to know when you’re in your fertile period, but is not precise enough for the Shettles Method. In order to get pregnant with a boy, you should therefore strive to create a more alkaline vaginal environment.
Reduce your consumption of acidic food such as meat (in particular beef, veal, and pork including bacon), cheese, milk, wheat, corn, tomatoes, oranges, and grapefruit.
Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on this website.
Not only do younger women generally conceive more easily, they also have reduced rates of complications in pregnancy and reduced instances of serious conditions in their offspring, such as Down Syndrome. Because women often do not know that they have contracted one of these STDs, the disease can run its course, sometimes causing future infertility. Generally speaking, women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 20 and 30 are the ones who can expect to most easily get pregnant if all other factors are good. For this reason, keeping track of your cycle, estimating when you ovulate, and having sex at least every two days when an ovulation predictor kit indicates you are ovulating can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. Using condoms during the interim can provide non-hormonal birth control until you start really trying to conceive. If you are over the age of 35, talk with your doctor about whether you should try for 12 months before seeking assistance, but for younger women, give nature the time to run its course.
Sperm can be slower swimmers, or have genetic problems that make it difficult for them to permeate an egg. Although I strive to be as accurate as possible, I must rely on other sources for my articles. Your best option is therefore to use ovulation tests, and avoid intercourse until the tests become positive.
For this reason, it is important for all sexually-active women to be screened for STDs annually. However, don't try to be too precise since stress levels of both you and your partner may go up as a response, which could decrease your chances of conceiving despite your careful calculations.

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