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Loose motion occurs due to an improper digestion and persists of loose motion leads to Diarrhea. Prepare a glass of lemon or orange juice by adding a pinch of salt and stirring it thoroughly.
Immediately, it will go into the intestine and reacts with poised food and aids to stop any further loose motion. This juice aids to store the loss of water from the body of the patient, hence avoids the problem of dehydration as well as weakness. Banana contains potassium, which create resistance power in the body to fight against infection. It helps in reducing the situation of loose motion by immediately effecting in intestine system and boosting digestive enzymes Pomegranate leaves are commonly used for loose motion in home remedies.

It avoids from weakness and water loss, on other side, it provides sufficient energy to get rid of loose motion. Your hands should be clean and foods should not contain any external particle, which can cause poison in stomach. Hence, you have to take care about the supplement of nutrition and water to your body during loose motion. Also, you can use dried wood apple powder instead of basil leaf and consume it 3 to 4 times in a day for quick relief of loose motion problem. Basically, we can stay away from loose motion and can lead a healthy life by providing hygiene environment. Loose motion appears because of food poisoning, infection, malnutrition, and many other reasons.

This aids to avoid from dehydration and weakness by providing essential water for metabolic process.
Loose motion or diarrhea also may affect due to over eating or eating wrong kind of food or an excessive consumption of heavy food. Sometime, germs, parasites, bacteria, virus or poison, which goes inside your body through food, water or air and results continuous loose motion.
Read the full article to know how to get rid of loose motion by using natural home remedies.

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